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Do you know your beauty balms from colour correction creams? Shopping for face creams can be pretty daunting when faced with a diverse range of beauty products on the market. But thanks to alphabet labelling on beauty products, once you understand the differences between them, choosing the right cream for your skin is easy. This lettering concept started with an introduction of an all-singing, all dancing BB cream, short for beauty or bleamish balm.

BB creams revolutionised women’s make-up routines when they launched in the UK three years ago, and on the back of their popularity, there’s been a boom of similar creams cropping up. Now there’s CC, DD and even EE creams to contended with, so let me explain the differences between these bemusing beauty products.

BB creams help lighten the load in your make-up bag as these all-in-one creams are the equivalent to applying a serum, moisturiser, primer, foundation and sunblock, in one simple application. Depending on what brand you go for, they also include various nourishing skin ingredients.

BB creams can be worn alone as they provide a light coverage which is heavier than a tinted moisturiser, making them great for a casual dewy summer look.

For a product that provides all the goodness of a BB cream, with the added benefit of smoothing out the skin’s appearance and reducing redness, colour correction creams, known as CC creams, have it covered. They are great for skin prone to acne and can be worn without any other make-up, but if you desire a heavier coverage, apply a dusting of powder on top. Both creams offer sun protection, levels of which range from SPF 15 to SPF 30, so make sure you get the right factor for your skin type. As always with sun protection, the higher the SPF the better, and if you are out in the sunshine all day, you might want to apply additional sun cream to your face throughout the day.

Just when you thought the concept of all-in-one face creams couldn’t get any better, along came the dynamic do-all, DD cream, the love child of BB and CC products. Dubbed a super cream, DD products combine elements of BB and CC creams with anti-ageing ingredients which aims to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The most recent addition to the alphabet range of beauty products is an even effect, EE cream, which was launched by Estee Lauder, in September last year. This innovative product defends against the damaging effects of UV rays and also helps reduce dark spots too. Wonder how long it will be until we get the GG cream?