Retro dimensions in Sunderland from 2010.
Retro dimensions in Sunderland from 2010.

The day the Weeping Angels descended on Sunderland - were you there when Dr Who came to Wearside?

Dr Who is back on TV and so are the Weeping Angels.

A brand new series of the epic hit has started and it features one of the scariest enemies in the show.

But the Weeping Angels are no strangers to the people of Sunderland because they came to town in 2010.

Students gathered at Sunderland University to meet Dr Who Matt Smith, his assistant Karen Gillan and a Weeping Angel on a special day in March that year.

They also got to watch a new episode of the show and we want to know if you were there.

Take a look through our photos and then get in touch to tell us more.

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