Top tips on looking after yourself to mark Mental Health Awareness Week

It’s important we do our best to look after mental health, just as it is vital to ensure our physical health.

By Hayley Lovely
Saturday, 30th April 2022, 4:55 am

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Knowing when to take a break or talk to a friend can have huge benefits for our wellbeing.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday, May 9 – Sunday, May 15, and looks at how to maintain a healthy mindset and tackles mental health issues.

Here’s some top tips on how you can look after your mental health.

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Talk about your feelings

Opening up about how you feel to a family member, friend or counsellor can help you stay in good mental health at times when you feel troubled.

Talking about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness, it can help you cope with a problem you’ve been dealing with for awhile.

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Monday, May 9 – Sunday, May 15

Keep active

Exercising regularly can help boost your self-esteem, sleep better and generally feel better about yourself.

Stay in touch

Loneliness is a mental health issue which unfortunately many people experience.

Keep in regular contact with family and friends, whether it’s going for a coffee or a 10-minute phone call.

Strong family ties and supportive friends can help you deal with the stresses of life.

Ask for help

Life can be overwhelming and stressful at times and we aren’t superheroes.

Sometimes things can get a bit too much for us causing us to experience low moods - don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling.

Take a break

A change of scenery our routine can be good for your mental health, it gives you time to unwind and and de-stress, whether it’s a 30-minute walk or listening to some music.

Get a good night’s sleep

Good-quality sleep makes a big difference to how you feel mentally and prepares you for the day ahead.

Do something for yourself

It’s important to make time for yourself and do something you’re good at or interests you.

Doing something that makes you happy is good for your mental health.

Be kind to yourself

Be aware of your critical voice.

When you are anxious or depressed, you may well have a voice that tells you negative things about yourself.

Don’t be so harsh and believe in yourself.