Sunderland woman battling ill health claims Slimming World award after shedding pounds

A woman battling ill health has bagged a woman of the year award after shedding the pounds.

Katharine Thompson first joined Slimming World five years ago and managed to lose weight sticking to a plan until early 2020, when she began feeling unwell.

The 55-year-old had reacted to acupuncture treatment and was suffering from migraines and other neurological symptoms which resulted in several trips to her GP.

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She was referred to a specialist and eventually diagnosed with Essential Tremor, a neurological disorder and causes involuntary rhythmic shaking, mostly to her hands.

Katharine Thompson has overcome hurdles.

Katharine took some time off work from her job as a mortgage service manager and had to shield during lockdown leaving her unable to keep up with exercise, spending most of her time snacking on popcorn and ice cream with husband Steve.

She said: “When we were able to get back into group, I joined Slimming World again to start a new journey and was shocked at how much weight I had put on.

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"I weighed in 12 st 6.5lbs and my size 8 clothes did not fit me and I was fitting into size 14. I have 1st 7.5lbs so far with a further 2st 2lbs to go.”

Katharine who attends the Holy Rosary group at Farringdon feels group members and consultant Vicky Robson have been supportive and helped her achieve so much since re-joining Slimming World.

Despite her neurological condition and having gallstones removed last September she has not let it hold her back and is currently taking part in a four week hula hoop challenge to increase her fitness levels.

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She added: “I feel so lucky and honoured to have been nominated and voted woman of the year 2022.

"It was a lovely surprise when I got called from Vicky, all the other nominees are so worthy.

"The condition I have been diagnosed with has taken a lot for me to come to terms with and I have found it hard to accept and have not shared it with many people. I was nervous about speaking out however I was encouraged and greatly supported by the group as well as Vicky.”