Sunderland dad sheds 25% of his body weight after Type 2 diabetes diagnosis prompts life-changing weight-loss journey

A Sunderland dad who turned his life around to lose five stone after being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes has shared his emotional weight-loss story.

Paul Osmialowski, and HGV driver, from Sunderland got a health shock in 2018 after suffering dizzy spells and almost passing out

Seeking medical help, he underwent blood tests which revealed he had type two diabetes. But that wasn’t the end of the bad news for Paul, who is 5ft 11 and at the time weighed 22 stone.

He was also suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, andthe doctor went on to tell he him was ticking all the boxes for a heart attack.

Now and then photos of Paul Osmialowski

Paul said he began taking his medication, but tried to ignore the situation as he was still in denial about his health situation.

Eventually, though, it was an experience on holiday which made him decide to do something about his weight.

While on a family trip to Majorca after his son Leo turned one, Paul found himself out of breath, sweating a lot and his mobility was very slow.

He sought help from Slimming World, and said he got a pleasant surprise from the experience.

“I joined a group local to me, in Ashbrooke Sunderland,” said Paul.

"The consultant is Paula Whiting and she welcomed me from that very first week. I was a little surprised to not be the only man in the group.

“From day one I’ve found the plan great to follow, there is so much ‘normal’ food you can just eat freely and I can buy things easily that fit or take food away with me.”

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Paul shared that he lost 10lbs in his first week and has lost around 2lbs per week on average since. When he first started Slimming World he weighed 21 stone 12lbs and now weighs 15 stone 8lbs.

He said: “Everything in life has just become a lot easier and I had a whole new wardrobe. The charity shop had a big delivery of all my old clothes that I never want back.”

Sue Thompson, district manager for Slimming World in Durham and Wearside, said: “We are so proud of what Paul has achieved, he is one of hundreds of members with Type 2 diabetes who are improving their health and quality of life every week with our expert support and guidance.”

Sue said all members with Type2 diabetes are provided with a booklet Eating well with diabetes – a guide for Slimming World members.

The booklet includes information on the healthy eating steps to help manage blood glucose levels, blood fats and regulate weight recommended by Diabetes UK.

Paul said his only regret about joining Slimming World was that he had not done so sooner, and the dad is now looking to the future with hopes his story can inspire others.

“Finding out you have Type 2 Diabetes can be a shock, but with thanks to Slimming World and the support I’ve had, I’ve realised just how easy it can be to change your lifestyle, lose weight and still live your life,” he said.

"I’m sure on that next visit to my doctor I will be told I have reversed it completely.”