SHAPING UP: How you can curb the overload that your ‘detox’ system has to deal with

Our bodies have an amazing built-in system to get rid of waste and toxins. (including your liver, kidneys, skin, lungs, and large intestine.)

"Too much alcohol can make it harder for your liver to do its normal jobs – one of which is helping your body get rid of toxins."
"Too much alcohol can make it harder for your liver to do its normal jobs – one of which is helping your body get rid of toxins."

But unfortunately, our modern lifestyles and habits tend to make it harder for our organs to do their jobs.

When these organs are overworked it can leave you feeling bloated and tired… and it can also affect your energy and mood.

The good news is that you can turn that around by cutting back on the overload your “detox” system has to deal with.

Bonus: This approach helps you boost your performance and reach your goals faster, too.

Seven Steps to Building a Cleaner, Better Performing Body:-

Limit alcohol. Too much alcohol can make it harder for your liver to do its normal jobs – one of which is helping your body get rid of toxins. (Experts recommend limiting alcohol to one drink a day for women and two for men.)

Get enough sleep. During the day, waste builds up in your brain. Then, at night when you’re sleeping, it’s swept away. Not enough sleep equals waste build up.

Drink enough water. Water performs a lot of functions in your body, including helping your body’s detox system remove waste products from your blood.

Avoid sugary and processed foods. Eating high-calorie foods low in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients is linked to chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. This can hurt your organs (like kidneys and liver) that help your body’s detox system.

Don’t eat too much salt. Among other things, it can lead to your body retaining water (related to number three above).

Be active. Exercise and regular activity lowers inflammation in your body and helps boost your body’s ability to detox.

Choose your self-care and home cleaning products carefully. Using natural products on your body and in your home can drastically cut your exposure to chemicals.

When you support your body with a healthy lifestyle that works with your schedule and your goals, you don’t need a quick fix!

We can help you make that a reality! Check out our Boot Camp programme, which is designed for people just like you, feel leaner, stronger and regain their energy.

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Graham says: “When I left school, I spent four years as a professional footballer at Hartlepool United. During this time, I learned a great deal about exercise and nutrition and how to get the best out of your body. When my football career ended due to injury, I qualified as a personal trainer before moving to Dubai, where I worked in a huge gym.“Working there was a priceless experience; I instructed over 1,000 personal training sessions in one year and helped over 50 people achieve their fitness goals. The knowledge I gained in one year in Dubai would have taken at least five in the UK.“When I returned from Dubai, I took on the role of gym supervisor and personal trainer at the five-star Seaham Hall Hotel and Serenity Spa. It was at Seaham Hall that I set up my first boot camp. They went from strength to strength and grew very quickly.

"While I was there, I won the Leisure Excellence Award at the North East Hotels Association.

"I left Seaham Hall in 2012 to focus on running my own business. I held the boot camp sessions in local car parks and travelled to personal training clients to train them at home.”