What's cooking? Echo readers' ideas for the best meals to eat in coronavirus lockdown

Extra time at home has helped families get creative with cooking – and we asked you for your best meal ideas to give us some lockdown dinner inspiration!

Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 12:11 pm
Updated Tuesday, 31st March 2020, 12:12 pm
Thanks to Carole Huitson, Gareth Chandler and George Simeonov for sharing their pictures.

From home-made classics to store cupboard creations, you’ve really given us some new tips to try for when hunger strikes!

Here are your suggestions from the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Gareth Chandler: “Pizza bread, slice of bread, ragu sauce as tomato base, onion, mushroom, little bit of easy garlic and chilli flakes, sliced pepperoni and mozzarella cheese to top it off, the kids loved them.”

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Thanks to Mel McCabe, Jessica Taylor-Hughes and Stephanie Ellwood for their pictures.

George Simeonov: “Jerk chicken and homemade chips.”

Abiy Orr: “Pretty much any vegetable mix can be made into soup: simmer in a pint-and-a-half of stock for half an hour or so, blend to disguise the contents and dish up with a nice sandwich or a few crackers.”

Mel McCabe: “Tuna pasta with melted cheese and some fire sauce drizzled over.”

Peter Dodsworth: “Bolognese sauce. Goes with spaghetti, chips, rice, jacket potatoes … very versatile.”

Karen Johnson: “Chicken tagine, sausage cassoulet, chicken curry, chilli con carne, lasagne, curry and soups so far. Also fruit crumbles, syrup sponge , bakewell pudding, and old fashioned ginger sponge.”

Stephanie Ellwood: “Not a recipe but make dip at home, just pork, gravy and buns needed.”

Elizabeth Grace: “Rice cooked in a made up cuppa soup is like an easy cheap risotto - you can add any veggies or meat if you've got it.”

Michelleshane Watkins: “Tuna pasta bake I have batch cooked and put in fridge.”

Lynn Elliott: “Homemade hummus with the chickpeas. Tomato sauce is the start of many a meal for example spag bol. Meatballs, chilli tomato soup the list could go on.”

Paul Turnock: “Homemade broth/soup bag of mixed veg and a pack of bacon bits £3 for two big pans.”

Jessica Taylor-Hughes: “Coconut curry with potato and chilli.”

Sarah Jane O’Neill: “We always make too much Sunday lunch so having bubble and squeak with leftovers.”

David Wallace: “Jacket potato with a Pot Noodle thrown on top.”

Bryan Seddon: “Mustard-coated roasted chickpeas.”

Kayleigh Devine: “Pasta, gravy and mint sauce.”

Sheila Treg: “Tomato soup.”

Danny Rogers: “Simple recipe You need … one spoon, one jar of Nutella.”