'The numbers tell us what to do' - When should the Government implement Covid Plan B

As criticism continues to land at the Government’s door for not bringing in Covid Plan B restrictions, readers have been sharing their views on measures to slow the spread of the virus.

In a briefing this week, Health Secretary Sajid Javid urged the British public to play their part in keeping coronavirus under control in the winter months.

He urged those who are eligible to receive their Covid jab or booster to attend appointments, as well as outlining steps that people could take to keep themselves and loved ones safe.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson, pictured holding his face mask, before boarding the vessel Alba at Fraserburgh Harbour, Aberdeenshire in August. Picture: Jane Barlow/POOL/AFP via Getty Images.

These include wearing masks in crowded indoor spaces, letting fresh air in or meeting outside where possible.

But he stopped short of introducing the Government’s so-called Covid Plan B strategy, despite calls from doctors to do so.

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Measures under the Government’s Plan B could include mandatory use of face coverings, Covid certification for certain events and the reintroduction of “work from home” guidance.

We asked readers if they thought such measures should be brought in – and the debate was split on whether or not this was the right time to act.

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Some said that the Government should follow the numbers and act now before it’s too late, while others argued that we need to “live with it now” instead of reintroducing restrictions.

Remaining coronavirus restrictions were lifted in England from Monday, July 19 – a milestone named ‘Freedom Day’ by many.

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Since then, the use of face coverings and other such mitigations have been down to personal choice.

Here’s what you had to say on our social media pages:

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Clare Williams: “Absolutely not, this virus is here to stay, we can’t keep having these rules every six months for the next 20 odd years. Just got to get on with our lives.”

Joan Eggleston: “Yes I’m afraid so, something needs to be done.”

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LA Smith: “If you want to be cautious then be cautious, if you want to wear a mask wear one, unfortunately we can’t just shut shop, we need to live with it now.”

Jacqui Knighton: “Definitely. I’ve just come back from Malta where everyone wears masks indoors and on public transport. No one questions it and no one, it appears, is exempt. It felt far more Covid safe than here.”

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Anne Marie Wight: “Yes as face masks should have remained mandatory anyway.”

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Tom Cameron: “No plan will beat it, so let’s live with it.”

Kirsty Smith: “Yes, as someone who has just come out of hospital with Covid I’ve seen first hand how stretched and short staffed they are.”

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David Griffiths: “Time to make wearing masks and social distancing mandatory again. But having said that, Joe Public will not abide by any rules, as they know better.”

Jean Burnip: “We need to live alongside the virus now, we can’t keep locking down and hiding away.”

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Phil Hume-Hopper: “Clearly yes, given how dreadful the UK is doing compared to the rest of Europe.”

Carl Greveson: “Absolutely not, living in Covid fear isn't living.”

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David Johnson: “Yes otherwise they will be too late AGAIN. The numbers tell us what to do.”

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