Good Samaritan delivers 300 surgical masks to Washington community

A Good Samaritan is handing out more than 300 surgical masks as part of his efforts to help the community.

Ric Hard, 36, has supported members of the Washington community who are struggling due to the coronavirus crisis by starting the Washington Pulling Together Facebook group, which now has over 1,500 members and has delivered over 300 surgical masks to the community.

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Father-of-two Ric has also offered his services to buy and deliver peoples shopping as they are forced to self-isolate, determined to help combat the spread of coronavirus.

Ric Hard, 36, from Washington

Three months ago, Ric noticed the prices of surgical masks quickly rising and took action by purchasing 400 in case they were ever needed in the community, now he has been all over Washington handing them out for free.

Ric said: “The reason I have been delivering hundreds of masks is because I hate all the greed that has begun to spread. I created Washington Pulling Together to help anyone in any way I’m able to.

The feedback has been amazing. Looking after each other at a time like this is more important than ever. Greed is infectious, but so is helping people.”

Ric, who is a full time carer for his wife, also wants his acts of kindness to set an example to his children about how to treat others in times of need.

Ric Hard, 36 with his wife and two children

Washington Pulling Together aims to support people in the Washington area and can be found

Ric Hard, 36, from Washington