Covid booster vaccines: Who is eligible for the newest booster and how do I book a vaccine appointment?

The NHS is now allowing some groups to book a Covid booster vaccine this Autumn.

Coronavirus first came into our daily lives nearly two and a half years ago, but it still isn’t going away.

Following the most recent set of booster vaccines in the Spring, the NHS have started to roll out a new programme which will look to prevent the spread of the virus as we enter Autumn and Winter.

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When does the Autumn Covid booster vaccine programme begin?

Covid booster vaccines: Who is eligable for the newest booster and how do I book a vaccine appointment? (Photo by Jacob King - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Eligible members of the public have been able to book their vaccine appointments since Monday, September 12.

How can I book my Covid Autumn booster vaccine?

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The best way to get a Covid booster vaccine is to book an appointment online. This can be done through the NHS Covid vaccine booking portal.

Anyone who is yet to receive any of their previous vaccines can also book an appointment through this service.

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Some medical centres are also still offering walk-in appointments across the UK.

There are a small number of sites across Sunderland offering this according to the NHS website. These include Riverview Health Centre, Millfield Medical Centre, Grindon Lane Primary Care Centre, Bunny Hill Primary Care Centre and Houghton Primary Care Centre.

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Who is eligible for a Covid Autumn booster vaccine?

The service is only available to select groups across the UK at the moment.

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People aged 65 and over are now able to get their boosters, as are frontline health and social care workers and those at a higher risk of being impacted by Coronavirus.

People who are pregnant or live with someone who has a weakened immune system can also get their next vaccines booked.

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Who is able to get vaccinated for Coronavirus?

The first two vaccines are still being given out across the UK to those who may not have recieved their own protection against Coronavirus yet.

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The majority of children aged five or over can get their first two vaccines while anyone aged 16 and over can get a booster vaccine, as can anyone aged between 12 and 15 who are considered to be at risk.

Children who turned 5 on or after Thursday, September 1 can only get their first two vaccines if they are deemed to be high risk or lives with someone with a weakened immune system.