Watch as Sunderland pupils pay their own tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by creating a giant timeline of her life

Pupils at Sandhill View Academy have paid their own tribute to Queen Elizabeth II by creating a giant timeline chronicling her extraordinary 96 years in which she became the nations longest reigning monarch.

Queen Elizabeth spent a record breaking 70 years on the throne and on Monday (September 19) the nation came to a standstill as she was laid to rest at Windsor Castle following an earlier ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

To mark the significance of this moment in history, and to highlight her seven decades of service, pupils decided to create the timeline from when she was born in 1926, her first broadcast to the nation in 1940, and her wartime role in the Auxiliary Territorial Service (ATS) through to more recent events such as her part in opening the 2012 London Olympics and most recently the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee.

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Each tutor group was given an event to cover. Year 7 pupils covered the Queen’s childhood through the birth of King Charles. The display covered 33 windows, stretching the length of the school.

Preston Thubron, 11, said: “I covered the Queen’s marriage to Prince Philip in 1947. We researched about where and when it took place as well as what she wore and photographs of the ring.

"I was shocked when I found out the Queen had died. I thought she would be around for ever. I think it’s really important to do something to honour her reign.”

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Year 8’s display covered the period from the birth of Princess Anne, which was covered by 12-year-old Khloe Spencer, right through to the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981.

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Year 7 pupil Preston Thubron, 11, with the timeline section he created about Queen Elizabeth's marriage to Prince Philip in 1947. Picture by FRANK REID

Khloe said: “We got lots of photographs of Princess Anne growing up with the Queen and also researched her role as commodore-in-chief in the Royal Navy.

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"I really enjoyed the project and learnt a lot about the Queen.”

Despite the Queen’s advancing years, Khloe was also “shocked” to hear of her death.

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She added: “I thought she’d live to at least 100. I think the Queen really cared about people and it was important to do this as a tribute. I watched the funeral and found it really sad.”

Part of the post 2000 timeline at Sandhill View Academy chronicling the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Picture by FRANK REID
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Year 10 pupils Courtney Stephenson, 14, and Tito Carlson, 15, covered the Queen’s involvement in the opening of the 2012 London Olympics, when she appeared to jump out of a helicopter as part of a scene from James Bond.

Courtney said: “I think this shows she was a funny person and it’s important we did something to mark her reign.”

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Tito added: “I don’t think anyone will reign for as long as she did.”

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The section of the Queen Elizabeth II timeline display created by Year 10 students chronicling the decade between the Queen's 80th and 90th birthdays. Picture by FRANK REID

The significance of the Queen’s passing was not lost on Year 11 pupil Millie Nebie, who covered the the Queen’s 90th birthday.

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Millie, 15, said: “I shed a few tears, she was like the nation’s grandmother. This was probably the biggest moment of history I will experience in my lifetime and it’s really important to remember it.”

The initiative was coordinated by assistant headteacher Anthony Blake.

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Mr Blake said: “We felt it was important to recognise the enormity of the Queen’s passing and it also provided an opportunity for the students to learn about her life. Many of them were surprised to learn that she had been a mechanic in the ATS during the war.”

Khloe Spencer, 12, holding her section of the Queen Elizabeth II timeline tribute. Picture by FRANK REID
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Year 10 pupils Tito Carlson, 15, and Courtney Stephenson, 14, in front of their section of the timeline tribute. Picture by FRANK REID
Queen Elizabeth II become the first post-war British monarch to visit West Germany as it was then known. Picture by FRANK REID
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A section of the timeline tribute to Queen Elizabeth II, covering the death of her father, King George VI, and her coronation in 1953. Picture by FRANK REID
The Queen Elizabeth II timeline covering the war years when the then Princess Elizabeth served in the Auxiliary Territorial Service. Picture by FRANK REID