Talented Sunderland schoolgirl’s dream comes true with publication of first novel The Palace of Glass and Thrones.

A talented teenager from Sandhill View Academy who penned her first novel during lockdown has seen her dream come true after the book has been published.

By Neil Fatkin
Monday, 16th May 2022, 4:55 am

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To deal with the challenges of lockdowns, Year 10 pupil Darcie Peters, threw herself into reading books, including the fantasy novel, The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson.

In September 2020, inspired by what she’d read, Darcie began work on her own novel and after a year in the making she completed her first book, The Palace of Glass and Thrones.

The book chronicles the trials and tribulations of the spellbinders, five characters chosen to protect the realm between the underworld and surface. However, one spellbinder is a secret assassin being manipulated by her master, the Dark King.

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Darcie, 14, said: “I hadn’t read much fantasy but The Final Empire really sparked interest in that genre and I started writing my own story.

“Using my imagination was a form of escapism from the restrictions of lockdowns and I even incorporated some of the aspects we were all going through, such as isolation, into some of my characters.”

As well as following the adventures of the five key characters, the book also contains a number of underlying messages.

Year 10 pupil Darcie Peters, 14, with her newly published book The Palace of Glass and Thrones.

Darcie added: “The book includes characters who are gay and explores what equality can look like for the LGBT community.”

After five drafts the book was finally completed and following positive feedback from friends Darcie began to explore the possibility of getting it published.

She said: “My dad found some potential publishers and the story was sent off to Amazon where the book was published on February 27. It’s fantastic to see my story in print.”

Sandhill View Academy pupil Darcie Peters, 14, started writing her novel during lockdown.

A number of Darcie’s books have now been purchased by the school library where she took part in a book signing. She now hopes to juggle her GCSE studies with writing two sequels as well as prequels about the five main characters.

She said: “I’m currently studying Shakespeare in my spare time and I hope to become a full-time author.”

Assistant Headteacher Alison Johnson said: “I’m certainly planning on reading the book and Darcie should be so proud of what she’s achieved. Hopefully in years to come she will be able to return to the school as a famous author.”

The book can be purchased via Amazon.

Darcie's book, The Palace of Glass and Thorns, can be purchased via Amazon.