Meet the selfless Sunderland schoolboy who set up tuck shop and raffles off Jordan Pickford’s gloves to help the homeless

Moved by seeing homeless people on the streets of Sunderland while out with his parents, Washington schoolboy Joe Ingram decided he wanted to do something to help and has set up a tuck-shop to raise money for charity.

By Neil Fatkin
Tuesday, 21st June 2022, 1:10 pm

Wessington Primary School pupil Joe, 11, approached his deputy headteacher Danielle Lorraine to explain he was upset by what he’d seen and wanted to set up the shop with a target of raising £100.

Joe now does a weekly supermarket shop, after researching where he can get the best deals, and sells crisps, popcorn, cheese strings, drinks and a host of other items from his break-time stall.

He said: “I didn’t like seeing the people homeless and I wanted to do something to help these people as they could starve or freeze to death. My dad did a hot coals walk to raise money and I decided I wanted to do something as well.

"I decided to raise the money for Shelter as they do a lot for homeless people.”

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After meeting his tuck-shop target, Joe wanted to do more and has raised another £112 from a raffle for former Sunderland and current England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford’s gloves and shirt.

Joe added: “My granddad knows Jordan Pickford’s parents and he kindly signed a pair of his gloves and shirt which he wore in a game. I’m really pleased with how much I’ve raised so far.”

Joe Ingram with a pair of gloves and a shirt donated by Jordan Pickford to be raffled. Picture by FRANk REID

Since establishing his shop, Joe has enlisted other students to help with the stocktaking and sale of goods.

Fellow Year 6 pupil Gracie Reay, 11, said: “I really wanted to get involved as I don’t like it when I go out and I see people having to live on the streets and begging for money.”

James Murison, 11, added: “Joe’s my best friend and always wants to help people. He’s very kind-hearted and I’m really proud of what he’s done.”

Joe Ingram behind his tuck-shop with help from fellow pupils (left to right) Jessica Lorraine, Gracie Reay and James Murison . Picture by FRANk REID

Deputy Headteacher Danielle Loraine was particularly impressed with Joe’s selfless attitude.

She said: “I’m unbelievably proud that Joe has done this of his own back. He’s always had a heart of gold and wants to help people and it’s great to see he’s used his initiative to raise money for Shelter.

"The fact he’s also inspired other pupils to get involved is fantastic.”

Joe Ingram behind his tuck-shop with customers waiting to be served. Picture by FRANk REID