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The 10 Sunderland schools that have gone the longest time without an Ofsted inspection

There are some schools in Sunderland and the surrounding area that have gone almost a decade without an official inspection.

Monday, 3rd August 2020, 7:00 am

Due to a former exemption which meant schools which were rated as outstanding were no longer subject to a regular inspection, some schools in Sunderland and the surrounding area haven’t been inspected by Ofsted for almost a decade.

A spokesman for Ofsted said: “We decide which schools to inspect based on a number of factors, including the length of time since their last inspection and whether they are a new school.

"We reserve the right to inspect a school at any time if we have serious concerns. More information about how we decide which schools to inspect is on our website.

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"We are pleased that the Government is planning to remove the exemption from inspection for outstanding schools.

"We’ve long argued that the exemption has served its purpose and should go. Parents need to know that an outstanding school is subject to regular inspection and must maintain the highest standards to keep the grade.”

Some schools in Sunderland are still awaiting their first Ofsted inspection.

We take a look at the schools which have gone the longest period without an inspection.

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