Quiz: how well do you know your road signs?

Quiz: how well do you know your road signs?

A new study has revealed a worrying age gap when it comes to basic motoring knowledge.

According to research commissioned by insurance company Ageas, drivers aged over 45 have a far better understanding of the Highway Code than their younger counterparts, many of whom failed to recognise some of the most common road signs and markings.

In the multiple choice quiz designed to gauge knowledge, only 75 per cent of 17-24-year-olds correctly identified the ‘no overtaking’ sign, and just 40 per cent understood the ‘no overtaking’ road markings. This compares to more than 90 per cent and 80 per cent respectively in the 45 – 64 age bracket.

Adam Clarke, managing director of Ageas Direct Insurance commented: “The results of our research make pretty shocking reading, particularly as recognition of some important road signs like ‘end of dual carriageway ahead’ is low across all age groups. However, the overall trend is undoubtedly that 17-24 year olds have far less knowledge of common signs and markings than their parents’ generation. Remedying these knowledge gaps is crucial, and could play a role in reducing the horrifying numbers of young drivers who are involved in crashes on our roads.”

With that in mind, we’ve got a sample of the signs to test your knowledge:


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