The Saltgrass promises 'best-poured Guinness in Sunderland' at St Patrick's Day celebrations

Irish eyes are sure to be smiling as an historic city pub hosts a big St Patrick’s Day celebration.

With Sunderland no longer home to any dedicated Irish bars, The Saltgrass are set to fly the flag for the Emerald Isle with a whole day of celebrations for its patron saint’s day on Friday, March 17.

The pub in Deptford will be opening its doors from 11am with 2-4-1 on pints of Guinness until 1pm. Celebrations will continue throughout the day with the historic pub decked out and live Irish music.

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Saltgrass barman Ciarán Roche hails from Dublin and is studying at Sunderland University. He’s got the day off for St Patrick’s Day and is heading to the bar with fellow members of the university’s Irish Society to celebrate in style.

St Patrick's Day event at The Saltgrass. Bar staff Ciarán Roche and Abbie Jobling.St Patrick's Day event at The Saltgrass. Bar staff Ciarán Roche and Abbie Jobling.
St Patrick's Day event at The Saltgrass. Bar staff Ciarán Roche and Abbie Jobling.

"St Patrick’s Day is great at home, it starts at 9am with a million people in the city. Then the parade starts at 10am, it’s a great atmosphere,” he said. “It’s great to be able to have a celebration here, we’re all looking forward to coming down and experiencing it. There’s a couple of us from the Dublin in the society, but the rest are from all over Ireland so it’s great to be able to celebrate together.”

St Patrick’s Day celebrations at The Saltgrass have gone from strength to strength in recent years and owner Walter Veti says they’re looking forward to making this the best one yet.

"There’s a lot of links between Ireland and Sunderland because of the football club,” he said. “People used to come down here for St Patrick’s Day to the old TJ Doyles so I think Deptford has become synonymous with it – it’s certainly been popular here.

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"We’ve been told by Irish people that we do the ‘best pint of Guinness in Sunderland’. The key is in the freshness, the pour and letting it settle. We’ve had visits from Guinness representatives who’ve said we do a great pour, we also have their flavour lock lines.”

The Saltgrass, DeptfordThe Saltgrass, Deptford
The Saltgrass, Deptford

:: St Patrick’s Day celebrations take place at The Saltgrass, Deptford, on Friday, March 17 from 11am. Entry is free.

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