Sunderland firm MSP Nanotech aims to come clean with new invention

A Sunderland company is hoping to clean up with a little help from its friends.

Friday, 21st June 2019, 7:18 pm
(from left) MSP Nanotech's Kevin Donkin, David Boath and MSP's James McRoy
(from left) MSP Nanotech's Kevin Donkin, David Boath and MSP's James McRoy

MSP Nanotech has developed technology to scrub airborne pathogens from rooms in hospitals, leisure facilities, military locations and aid stations and hopes to take its new invention to market in 2020.

The company is currently working on its business strategy, approach to market and intellectual property after establishing market demand with the support of Sunderland-based business support organisation RTC North.

Through its Innovate 2 Succeed programme, RTC has provided invaluable insight and guidance.

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MSP marketing director James McRoy said: “RTC have been instrumental in getting us to where we are now – almost ready to launch a brand-new product.

“Our Innovation Advisor David Boath, in particular, has had an enormous input and has been key in keeping us right and providing us with the guidance and support we needed.

“We worked on our business strategy together, came up with a business plan, conducted a market research, worked on getting out intellectual property sorted, and we are pleased to share the product is now fully patented.”

James explained the vision was to develop  a portable device for medical, leisure and military applications and then do further product

development to develop a static device to be retro-fitted into air conditioning systems.

“Work carried with MSP Nanotech has been fantastic and it is really rewarding seeing how close they are now to their product to market in a few months’ time,” said David Boath.

“The power of RTC North’s programmes is absolutely fascinating and the impact it has on our community is absolutely mind- blowing.

“Being able to support local SMEs with establishing themselves firmly on the map and giving a helping hand when they need it the most is what we are here for.”

Innovate2Succeed helps growing companies with plenty of ambition to manage the development of products and services, helping to get them to the right market in a timely fashion.

 For more information on how RTC can help your business grow, call 0191 516 4400 or visit