Spotted this huge ship in Sunderland's port? Find out all about Brave Tern as she visits Wearside

A mammoth ship used to construct and maintain windfarms out at sea has made Sunderland its latest stop.

Friday, 3rd January 2020, 2:30 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd January 2020, 7:29 pm

Brave Tern arrived into the River Wear on New Year’s Day, having left the port of Eemshaven in the Netherlands on Monday, December 30.

It is her first visit to Sunderland and she is expected to remain in the Port of Sunderland, where it is docked at its Greenwells Quay river berth for a week.

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Brave Tern has docked in the Port of Sunderland for the first time.

Port of Sunderland Director, Matthew Hunt said: “Every year Port of Sunderland handles and receives many vessels from cargo handling to maintenance works or as a base for their operations.

“We continue to attract the attention of businesses working in the offshore, new and renewable energy sectors.

“We now welcome the Brave Tern as she uses our facilities and services.

“She is what’s known as a heavy-lift jack-up vessel and built for installing offshore wind installations.

Brave Tern can accommodate 80 crew members.

“I’m sure most of us will have seen wind turbines in UK waters or elsewhere in the North Sea.

“The turbines are generating renewable energy and to install them you need a vessel such as the Brave Tern.

“I’m aware she’s worked on several major North Sea turbine projects and she’s here about a week as she undertakes general works before her next project.”

Brave Tern is registered to Malta and was ordered in February 2010 and delivered in October 2012, with the vessel the largest of its kind to be built in the Middle East.

The ship's four legs can be seen from miles around.

She can install turbines in water depths of up to 142ft, stands on four cylindrical, self-elevating legs measuring 78.4 metres, and can also maintain the equipment.

Overall, the ship’s hull is 132 metres long and has a breadth of 39 metres, with a helicopter landing pad and three cranes also fitted to the ship.

It can accommodate a crew of up to 80 people and has 56 cabins, each kitted out with satellite television and a bathroom, with a fitness room, laundry, television and workshops for clients also onboard.

The north side of the river at Roker provides a good vantage point to see the Brave Tern as it is berthed at Greenwells Quay.
Brave Tern docks at Port of Sunderland, as seen from Pier View.
Brave Tern is expected to be in the Port of Sunderland for a week.
A view of the Brave Tern from above Roker Marina.