'Should we start a JustGiving page?' - Echo readers react to former Sunderland AFC owner Ellis Short's fall in Sunday Times Rich List

Sunderland owner Ellis Short.
Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

Some Black Cats fans have been offering former club owner Ellis Short a few pounds as the new edition of The Sunday Times Rich List revealed his loss of £140million.

Short, who left Sunderland last year, fed a minimum of £200million into Sunderland AFC during his nine years in charge - but has now seen his fortune slump to £860million.
In 2018, he agreed to walk away and wipe out debts of at least £116.7million, according to the club's latest accounts.

Now, he lost his billionaire status.

Short's worth has gone down by £340million in two years - but a number of Echo readers stepped forward with offers to give him "a fiver if he's desperate" or even head a fundraising appeal.

Others had some praise for the amount of money the American businessman poured into the club - and said things could have gone a different way for Sunderland with hindsight.

Here is what you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

The Sunday Times Rich List has revealed that Short has lost his billionaire status.

The Sunday Times Rich List has revealed that Short has lost his billionaire status.

Dave 'don' Brennan: "My heart bleeds. Dunno how is gonna live on that like. If I see him I'll lend him a 20 spot. He's obviously struggling."

Dave Carty: "Hats off to Short ... bailed us out. If only he took some advice from someone who knew the game. It could all have been different now."

Jack Fromme: "That’s massive. People don’t realise how good Short was."

Chris Parry: "Don’t suppose he’s losing sleep."

Dean Murphy: "Doubt he will need a foodbank anytime soon."

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Dan Macpherson: "A very, very expensive lesson well learnt. Certainly made amends at the end."

Ian Campbell: "I'll lend him a fiver if he's desperate."

Richard Adamson: "Should we start a JustGiving page?"

Liam Watson: "Had he of listened to the professionalism of Keane and trusted him, we would still be a Premiership club."

Chris Sumby: "Expensive lesson right there."