See inside new chippie named as tribute to classic The Who mod movie Quadrophenia

A new fish and chip restaurant certainly has all mod cons and a name to prove it.

Monday, 20th January 2020, 10:52 am

Codrophenia, at Dalton Park shopping centre, in Murton, is a play on classic 1979 mod movie Quadrophenia.

Decked out in patriotic red, white and blue fittings, the restaurant is also crammed with framed pictures dedicated to British mod music and the 1960s scene’s wider culture.

They include signed film posters by Quadrophenia cast members and autographed photos of rock legends The Who.

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Steve Norcross, left, and Chris Seal outside Codrophenia fish and chip restaurant at Dalton Park.

There are also longer-term plans to mount table tops on scooters outside the premises for diners to eat from.

Codrophenia is the brainchild of mod enthusiasts Steve Norcross, 54, Chris Seal, 51, and Dot Humphries, 55, who are all from Darlington.

Former tanker driver Steve said: “We were at a mod and ska music festival in Stanhope and looking around at the food on offer and, no offence, but it was all burgers and hot dogs.

“We thought ‘what about fish and chips?’ and started playing around with the name for a business.

The premises are largely red, white and blue in patriotic homage to the British mod culture.

“Codrophenia soon came up and we thought it was perfect because Quadrophenia is our favourite movie.”

Chris, a qualified chef, added: “The name is a tribute to the mod way of life, which is typically British, and so is fish and chips.”

Their initial venture more than three years ago was to begin touring weekend mod and ska festivals nationwide with a Codrophenia mobile chippie van.

This proved so successful that they have now given up their previous jobs and invested £250,000 into opening their first restaurant.

Posters recall the 1960s and 1970s rivalry between mods and rockers.

Chris, a qualified chef, said: “We have had a lot of interest from enthusiasts and we have already had a six members of scooter club in Hexham coming down for a ride out.

“Older customers have been fascinated by the pictures and say it brings back memories for them, as do some of the classic 1960s drinks we have got like cream soda.

“So I suppose you could say we are talking about their generation.”

Dalton Park marketing manager Louise Thompson said research showed how customers wanted to see an independent eaterie open at the shopping centre.

Iconic mod images of scooters and red, white and blue targets also appears on the walls.

She added: “They wanted something a bit more unique and we have taken that on board.

“We are pleased to welcome Codrophenia and the customers certainly seem to have the appetite for it.”

Codrophenia, which is open seven days a week from 11am and plays mod music, is not the first shop in the Sunderland area to use a pun on a famous movie or television programme.