Local brothers help businesses claw back thousands

The average claim for TPI Claims Company is over £14,000

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Tuesday, 2nd March 2021, 3:34 pm
Managing Director Craig Don (Left) and Business Development Manager Mark Don (Right)

Sunderland start-up TPI Claims Company aims to help companies up and down the country claw money back they are rightfully owed on their energy contracts. Managing Director Craig Don and Business Development Manager Mark Don founded the company in 2020, working tirelessly with all types of businesses to help them uncover secret commissions concealed in their energy contracts.

“The energy broker market is completely unregulated” explains Craig “Brokers are able to choose which providers they want to push and then add on their own commission every month which is hidden in the customers energy bill.”

Customers think the amount they are paying is the best price directly from the supplier, but what’s really happening is the broker has added on their commission to the monthly amount and it’s really the brokers setting the price.

For example the energy supplier would provide the energy at 10p/kWh, the broker would add on their 1p/kWh commission, resulting in the client paying a total of 11p/kWh. Over a 2 year period the broker could make over £10,000 in commission from a single client.

TPI Claims Company work on a no win no fee basis to claim this hidden commission back directly to you.

If you are in the market for a new energy contract, Craig advises businesses to watch out for the signs below:

Suppliers don’t pay them, and it’s definitely not free regardless of what they say. Beware of brokers pushing long term contracts, these cost you more but earn brokers lots more in commission. They say they are searching the market but only provide a few prices. They try to tie you into a contract more than 6 months before the end of your current one. They prevent you speaking with the supplier directly.

“Until there is a major shake up or regulation in the industry, there will always be the opportunity for trust to be exploited by some brokers out there” says Craig, “But until that

day, we are here to help”

If you would like to have TPI Claims Company to provide a free and no obligation assessment of your energy contracts to see what refund you are due - visit www.tpiclaimscompany.co.uk and fill out the online form, or call 0800 689 0459 and speak to them directly.