Echo readers call for a three-day weekend as more businesses make changes to office hours

The majority of Sunderland Echo readers have announced that they would prefer to work longer days to have a three-day weekend.

Sunday, 15th September 2019, 4:45 pm
Readers voted for a three-day-weekend. Photo: Freedomz -

This decision comes from our recent poll on social media where we asked you: “As more businesses make changes to their office hours, would you prefer to work four longer days, and have a three-day weekend?”

Out of the 817 people that voted, the majority (85%) of readers voted for a long weekend leaving 123 voting against one.

Nathan David is happy to work longer hours. He said: “Great idea - used to work 8-6 four days a week with a day off. (Mon week one, Tues week two etc). Meant you got a four day weekend once a month.”

Bryony Jade Fucile is all for the decision. She said: “As a shift worker, three days off would be the absolute dream.”

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Graeme Wharton commented: “As a bus driver I'd love a three day weekend.”

Barry Watts said: “I already do.”

Not everyone is happy about working longer hours though.

Keiron Shaw said: “No chance. Childcare is expensive enough.”

Graeme Collinson said he used to work that way: “Long long days just to get a half day Friday off. Just not worth it. In most cases anyway, I used to work Fridays overtime so in effect still worked a five day week.”

The question also raised concerns for some.

Graham Storey said: “So who is going to work the weekends?”