'Brilliant news' or an 'eyesore?' - readers react to Sunderland STACK getting the go-ahead to open at Seaburn

Potential customers of a new leisure village in Sunderland have hailed plans to open the shipping container development as ‘just what’s needed’ at the city’s seafront.

Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 08:37 am
Updated Wednesday, 7th August 2019, 17:25 pm
Plans to open a STACK leisure development in Sunderland have been approved. Here's an artist's impression of what it could look like.

Plans to create Sunderland STACK, a development which will house traders, food and drink vendors and family entertainment, were officially given the green light on Tuesday, August 6.

But not everybody had a positive reaction to the news, with some readers expressing concerns about how the STACK’s opening would affect businesses in the city centre, and how the shipping containers would be dressed up and maintained.

Members of the committee voted unanimously to approve the plans. The new development will be built at Seaburn.

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Others questioned the proposed design, hailing it an “eyesore”.

This is what you had to say on the Sunderland Echo Facebook page:

Paul Grieves: “So a private investor wants to invest in our seafront. If its a success, great for them, great for the locals, those who get jobs out of it, great for tourists who come and enjoy it (and boost our economy).

“If it fails (I hope not), then that private investor has lost some loot. What is there to moan about?”

Ian Hannent: “Brilliant news. Just what's needed along there. The Stack in Newcastle is fantastic.”

Pete Bogg: “Great news, the Riverside Brew Company and the Stack are both excellent, great inside and look brilliant.”

Dale Collinson: “Love it, more improvements to our city.”

Ste Dixon: “The one in Newcastle is very smart and always buzzing. A great addition. Sod the whingers. They don't want any new developments.”

Michelle Cuthbertson Fox: “We need something like this for sure!”

Llayney Marie Straughan: “The Newcastle one looks class, hopefully it gets people visiting the seafront a little more.”

Maureen Brown-Canavan: “Containers are containers however much you dress them up they still look what they are – cheap.”

Joanne Louise: “The one in Newcastle is good. It can only be good for small businesses.”

Heather Addison: “It will just take the business out of the city centre, then more pubs and clubs will close.”

Brian Hill: “Why does everything have to be in Seaburn? Hardly the city centre.”

Deakin Ayre: “Another eyesore for Sunderland.”

Mel Todd: “Cheap and nasty.”