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David Preece: Why magical days watching ‘incredible’ Marco Gabbiadini give me hope the good days will return for Sunderland

Being a Sunderland fan as a kid meant two things to me; the 1985 Milk Cup Final and Denis Smith.

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Liverpool goalkeeper Bruce Grobbelaar in action against Sunderland in the 1992 FA Cup Final at Wembley Stadium.

David Preece: The curious case of Bruce Grobbelaar’s sunglasses and The Crazy Gang!

This time last week I was in exactly the same position I am now.

Sunderland AFC
Stoke's Darren Fletcher reacts during the heavy defeat to Chelsea.

Is the Premier League a loser in this congested Christmas fixture pile-up?

Stamford Bridge, Saturday teatime. It’s about half past five and Mark Hughes is sitting before the cameras and microphones of the media explaining the changes that placed his side in the hands of Antonio Conte’s Chelsea to do with them what they wanted.

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SAFC 1-1 BCFC Stadium of Light 23-12-207.  Picture by FRANK REID

David Preece: Christmas Day? As long as you get three points on Boxing Day, that’s all that matters

Football robbed me of many things.

Sunderland AFC

David Preece: Harsh realities of trying to become a professional footballer nowadays makes me question whether I would make it in the game today.

I don’t have any sons.

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Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho (left) and Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola

David Preece: Jose Mourinho, Roy Keane and the theatre of the football tunnel bust up

There’s no use crying over spilt milk, they say.

Sunderland AFC
SAFC 2-2 MFC Sky Bet Championship, 18-11-2027. Stadium of Light Picture by FRANK REID

David Preece: Goalkeeper recruitment is one department Sunderland have usually got right – until now

Far from the current state of affairs, being a goalkeeper for Sunderland has been a good career move in recent times.

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David Unsworth.

David Unsworth’s Everton failure reminds me of when Terry Butcher went from being Stan Laurel to Sunderland manager

David Unsworth probably curses the day Ronald Koeman was sacked. Autocorrect on my laptop always changes “Koeman” to “Foe man” and I dare say that is probably a fairer assessment of how Unsworth sees him for dropping him in it like this.

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Chris Coleman shakes hands with Villa boss Steve Bruce.

David Preece: New boss is a real leader and his process can turn Sunderland around

I try not to write in cliches but sometimes it’s difficult to steer clear of them. I favour making up my own analogies, similes and metaphors, mostly making them so tenuous I’m the only one that finds them amusing.

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Kevin Ball

David Preece: My bus trip hell with Kevin Ball made football a cup of tea afterwards

It’s Millwall this Saturday, a club that holds a place of its own along the timeline of my football career.

Sunderland AFC
Sunderland owner Ellis Short.

This manager appointment is one of, if not the, most important in the history of Sunderland

I’ll be honest with you, with the swiftness of Simon Grayson’s departure I did think there would have been an appointment by now.

Sunderland AFC
Simon Grayson on Tuesday night.

David Preece: Sunderland are a Frankenstein monster of botched operations - who can save us?

What is there to say that hasn’t already been said? In the sparsely-populated Press area tucked away in the roof of the Stadium of Light last Saturday, the assembled few huddled together and joined together in pre-match prayers to the God of Journalism.

Sunderland AFC
Mauricio Pochettino

David Preece: I feel guilty for making excuses not to watch Sunderland but someone else has caught my eye

If Nigel Pearson was to angrily furrow his brow in my direction and ask me if I was an ostrich, I’d look back at him, making contact with those Action Man eagle eyes of his and say “Yes, Nigel. I am an ostrich.”.

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Sunderland's players are stuck in a rut

David Preece: Sunderland are in trouble – but the time to worry is when they go paintballing

Home isn’t always where the heart is. It certainly isn’t when you’ve gone 306 days without out a win there.

Sunderland AFC
Wales' Joe Allen was taken off from the World Cup Qualifer with the Republic of Ireland with a suspected concussion.

David Preece: Sport must act to reduce major risks of concussion

There’s a documentary you should watch on Netflix, if you get the chance. It’s called Ice Guardians. It’s about the ‘enforcer’ players that until recently were a big part of ice hockey, especially in the NHL.

Sunderland AFC
Adrien Silva takes on Croatia's Luca Modric.

David Preece: Leicester’s £22m Silva woe was nothing compared to my transfer nightmare!

For those poor souls who are left in the abyss between heaven and hell, an eternity in limbo awaits them. That’s exactly where Adrien Silva finds himself now.

Sunderland AFC
Jason Steele looked shell-shocked at Portman Road.

David Preece: Sunderland performance felt like we’d scooped out our insides with butter knife and spoon

As a staunch advocate of not looking at the league table until we’re in to double figures of games played to stop any kind of knee-jerk reactions to early season results, it’s time to peek through my fingers and take stock of the situation.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp (left), players and staff sit dejected on the bench during the Carabao Cup, third round match at the King Power Stadium, Leicester.

David Preece: Jurgen Klopp must bung Liverpool’s defensive leaks – and fast!

Jurgen Klopp didn’t have to speak for everyone to know how he was feeling after Liverpool’s EFL Cup defeat at Leicester on Tuesday night.

Sunderland AFC
Newcomer Bernardo Silva lets fly for Manchester City in Monday's draw with Everton

David Preece: Why Jordan Pickford reminds me of Snoop Doggy Dogg and how I’m jealous of Manchester City

I’ve been feeling a bit guilty this week, but that’s nothing new. I’m probably being too honest here and committing some kind of cardinal sin, but sometimes you can’t help what you feel.

Sunderland AFC
Simon Grayson has gone for the relaxed  look

David Preece: Kevin Ball slaughtered my Paisley signing-on tie but Simon Grayson’s making better first impression

Anyone has ever experienced the joy of being driven around in any car that I’ve owned will tell you it’s an extension of my home. A kind of mobile annex or garage conversion on wheels.

Sunderland AFC
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