REVIEW: Miranda Hart, Newcastle Arena

Miranda Hart
Miranda Hart
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HAVE you ever had one of those experiences where you feel utterly out of place?

Ever sat with the home fans at an away match? Been the only atheist at a revivalist meeting?

This was one of those nights.

I’ll admit I’m not Miranda’s biggest fan, but 15-year-old Ellie Clark is a devotee and sometimes a dad has to do what a dad has to do.

Walking up to the arena, it was clear representatives of my side of the chromosomal divide were at a premium.

Inside, the atmosphere was pure hen night, and it’s obvious Hart knows her target audience.

A selection of cheesy 70s and 80s classics set the pre-show mood and the whole thing was based on a party night, right down to the star handing out Doritos and drinks to the front row of the audience.

To be fair to Hart, she’s careful not to coast too much on the back of her recent success.

Catchphrases are thrown out sparingly for maximum effect, rather than being chucked about, and this is Miranda the stand-up comic, rather than Miranda the TV character.

That said, though, it’s clear the sitcom Miranda is less than a million miles from the real thing and the stand-up relies heavily on the self-effacing, confessional style of her TV work.

From her doomed efforts to be down with the kids to surprising a group of Boy Scouts in the nude (her, not them), Hart is ever ready to laugh at herself.

And she hits a nerve time after time with her target audience, which is all that really matters.

From leading a sing-along version of “I Will Survive” to staging an intermission edition of Blind Date with two audience members, it’s all Such Fun.

Kevin Clark.