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Tell Me On a Sunday has been performed by musical theatre stars such as Sarah Brightman, Lulu and Denise Van Outen, but now Claire Sweeney has taken on the role. We found out how she’s loving every minute of it and how it’s helping her in her own search for love

THANKS for taking the time to talk to us Claire. Are you having a nice day so far?

 Yeah, it’s been great. I’ve just been pottering around so it’s been nice and chilled.

Tell Me On A Sunday is about an English girl searching for love in New York, tell me a little bit more about your character.

 Well, she’s called Laura and she’s trying to find love, but she’s looking in all the wrong places. Laura thinks she’s met Mr Right, only he’s not, and the show is all about her attempting to meet the right person and fall in love. It’s very funny, too.

It’s a musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, are you a big fan?

 I love his work and Don Black who wrote the lyrics. It’s amazing how they actually get inside a woman’s head to come up with such content, like the songs such as Take That Look Off Your Face and Tell Me On a Sunday. They bring out all kinds of emotions.

The tour started in August last year, how are audiences reacting to it?

 Women can really relate to it. We’ve all been there before – and you’re very lucky if you haven’t had a broken heart.

 Even if you’re not single, like Laura, people can relate to certain aspects of it, like being in an unhappy relationship or a blissfully happy one.

 We’ve recently changed the set though. It’s beautiful, much bigger and the audience are really enjoying it.

The central theme of the show is love, what or who is your greatest love?

 I’m single at the minute so my greatest love would have to be my job. I’m very lucky and really enjoy it.

 I’m a person who believes in fate, and at the moment, I enjoy being on my own.

 I would never compromise

myself for the wrong relationship.

You have quite a hectic schedule and the tour takes you up and down the country, do you find time to relax?

 I’m lucky as the tour takes me up North quite a lot, so I get to see my mum quite a bit – me and her are best pals. And when I get time off I just like to chill out and potter around.

Are you working on anything else?

 I’ve been working on a BBC1 programme called Candy Cabs, which comes out round about April or May. It’s about a group of women who set up their own taxi firm and it’s hilarious.

 I love TV and theatre and would hate to be in a position where I would have to choose between them.

Finally, it’s the Royal wedding this month. What are your thoughts on it and if you could chose one gift to give Prince William and Kate Middleton, what would it be?

 I think it’s fabulous and it’s such a great thing for our country. I remember Princess Diana’s wedding, it was beautiful. People should always celebrate their love for one another.

 If I could give them one gift, it would be happiness.

* Tell Me On a Sunday is on at the Sunderland Empire from April 6 to 9. Call the box office on 0844 847 24 99.