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HE’S been making me go weak at the knees since I fist saw him in Step Up, and this week I shared my love for Channing Tatum with fellow Echo ladies, Georga, Alison and Katy when we headed to Cineworld in Boldon to see his latest film Magic Mike.

 From start to finish this film was full of toned male torsos, gyrating from lady to lady and in the general direction of the all-female audience.

 When the opening shot was of Channing’s naked bum we knew we were in for a treat.

 Every woman in the cinema gasped then cheered for more and they were soon rewarded with scene after scene of oiled abs and buns of steel.

 This film is the perfect setting for a midweek date with your girls, not only is it easy on the eyes but there are some great comedy moments thanks to Matthew McConaughey – enjoy, ladies.