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AFTER missing last week’s staff night out due to illness, my partner in crime organised a consolation Thursday night on the town.

She didn’t want me to miss out on festive drinking (she’s thoughtful like that) so we rounded up the troops and headed into Sunderland.

As it was three days before Christmas all the other sensible people had stayed in to save their pennies, but never one to follow the rules we were determined to find a bar to prop up.

Our first drink was in Chaplins. I had never been here before and we walked slap bang into the middle of a Christmas quiz which meant we were forced to listen to the “Now That’s What I Call Christmas” album as people tried to remember who sang what.

As a lover of Christmas I quite enjoyed it, but Ebenezer Wheeler was in hell – thankfully they serve something that vaguely resembles a cocktail in there, because after a WooWoo she had forgotten her bah humbugs and was ready to dance.

For the past two weeks we’ve supported boxer Tony Jeffries on his quest for DJing stardom, so we thought it was only right that we popped into 7even and see for ourselves if he is actually any good on the decks.

I’ve got to say we couldn’t fault his enthusiasm and his music selection was pretty good, and he even dropped some old skool bombs from the likes of Massive Attack.

If you missed him this time I’m sure he’ll treat us to another performance when he gets back from LA.

Any opportunity to take over the DJ booth is never missed by myself and Miss Wheeler and we managed to squeeze ourselves behind the decks just long enough to get a repeat play of Nicki Minaj.

Having exhausted our dance moves in 7even we stopped off at White Rooms on the way home for a cheeky night cap, but playing out on a school night has its limits and we called time on our festive night out in favour of a taxi home.