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“IT’S not fair.” I thought to myself as I watched the Ladyboys of Bangkok parade around the stage in the skimpiest of outfits.

“How can a man look that good as a woman?”

With long, slender legs, toned stomachs and wavy locks, the ladyboys are a sight to behold.

Cara, Katy and I went to see the show, Fur Coats and French Knickers, which runs until this Saturday – and what a night it was.

Having seen the ladyboys before, during a trip to Thailand, I was prepared for what to expect.

But Cara just stared in astonishment when the ladyboys came out to strut their stuff.

The show features the ladyboys in beautiful, fancy costumes lip-syncing to hits by pop divas such as Rhianna, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga.

There’s also a Take That tribute act called Tuck That, a rendition of the Little Mermaid’s Part of Your World (with a ladyboy twist to it!), and a OAP version of Beyonce’s Single Ladies.

It’s a light-hearted show with plenty of humour, and any men who attend should be aware that they’re likely to be hauled on to stage for a dance!

The girls and I had a fantastic time, laughing and singing along – but as well as being glued to the performance, we joined the rest of the audience in trying to get a sneak peek of what was really beneath those fabulous costumes!

And our night did not end there – as we had travelled across the water we decided it would be rude not to have a few cheeky tipples in a Geordie public house.

Purely for research purposes, we made our way to Revolution to find out if the Newcastle equivalent was better than the Revs we frequent every week in Sunderland.

Initially it won us over as the attentive barman pointed us in the direction of cheap jugs – by that I mean cocktails – and we ended up with two tasty jugs full of Club Tropicana and Big Strawberry Woo Woo.

Unfortunately, the music which had been promising, dwindled into some unrecognisable house mix.

I’m not a house prude, but this was a bit of a mood killer and the atmosphere in the bar went flat.

Despite the good cocktails we were starting to get homesick and we left knowing that the Mackem Revs does it best!

l The Ladyboys of Bangkok takes place in a giant marquee in Sabai Pavilion, Time Square, Newcastle, and runs till Saturday.