Spoken Words hoping to make it big

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Spoken Words are hoping to scale the ladder of musical success with their brand of new wave/post punk sound. Katy Wheeler caught up with the four Mackem lads hoping to make it big.

DESPITE their tender years, Spoken Words have managed to hone a mature sound which has seen them being included in NME’s Top 100 New Bands To Listen To In 2012.

They’ve also received praise from Frankie & the Heartstrings frontman Frankie Francis who, as well as hailing them as ones to watch, hand-picked them to support the Strings at their recent hometown gig in Sunderland.

So, who are this new band causing such a stir?

Spoken Words, who are all 18 and hail from Moorside and Barnes, are made up of Craig Smith who plays bass and vocals, Kris Forster who plays guitar, Dan Ward who plays synth and vocals and Adam McCann who plays drums.

Speaking about how the four-piece formed, Adam said: “We have all been friends for a while and we decided to make a band, although it hasn’t always been the four of us.

“A few months ago our bass player left and we decided to change our sound a little bit.

“Dan was a close friend and played synth so we had a few practices and we liked the sound of the ‘new’ Spoken Words.”

He added: “We had a few names in the hat and every practice we seemed to go home with a different name, we even won an award named Best Band With No Name.

“It took us that long to settle on one!

“However, after a while we settled with Spoken Words, it’s different and we feel we suit it.”

Though the band class their sound as falling in the new wave/post punk category, they are striving to carve their own niche in the market by creating their own sound.

It’s a sound that caught the attention of Frankie & the Heartstrings who the band supported at Independent on Holmeside.

Adam said: “A lot of people who turned up at the venue wouldn’t have heard us before and probably didn’t know we even existed.

“But to play to a packed-out venue in front of probably our biggest crowd, was a great feeling.

“Another highlight was a few weeks after that gig being listed in NME’s Top 100 New Bands To Listen To In 2012 and Frankie tipping us as his band to watch out for in 2012.”

Until that elusive record deal comes about, the band are in the midst of writing new material and are hoping to gain as much experience gigging as possible.

l To listen to some of their tracks visit http://soundcloud.com/adamspokenwords or search “Spoken Words” on Facebook.

l Spoken Words will be supporting Citizens, at Cluny 2, in Newcastle, on March 29. Tickets are £5 at Hot Rats, Stockton Road, Sunderland, or log on to seetickets.com