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Little Comets are flying high and shooting for the stars with their latest release. Katy Wheeler caught up with bass player Matt Hall to find out more.

LOCAL lads Little Comets are hoping to blaze a trail with their new single which is being launched in the North East.

It marks the end of a triumphant year for the indie rock band which saw them release debut album In Search of Elusive Little Comets, which reached No.6 in the UK Independent Chart, and are playing festivals galore.

Now they’re fine-tuning themselves for a gig on home turf at Northumbria University which marks the release of latest EP, Worry.

Now minus permanent drummer Mark Harle, who left to pursue other opportunities earlier this year, bass player Matt Hall, from Washington, says they’re just as strong as a three-piece and are looking forward to their new launch gig on December 10.

Matt, who performs with Jarrow-born brothers Rob Coles on vocals and guitar, and Michael Coles on guitar, plus a session drummer, said: “We always like playing in Newcastle. It’s a time when we get to see friends and family too.

“People come down on the night who’ve been to our gigs back when we used to put them on at the Bridge Hotel.

“After the album release it was great because people would come along to gigs and sing along to album tracks that we never expected them to. They sing the verses back to us, which is always nice.

“We had our problems this year with Mark leaving, but we’re cracking on now.”

Speaking about new single, Worry, Matt, a former Biddick Comprehensive pupil, said: “It was written about a year ago, but we only recently got round to finishing recording it, which was done in a few different places.

“It’s been getting a better reception the more we play it live.”

This year also saw the band go down a storm at Split Festival, which is held annually at Ashbrooke Sports Ground, in Sunderland.

Matt said: “Split Festival was good fun, we got to see a lot of bands we know in the North East.

“It was good to have a beer and some craic over a bag of chips. That food tent was immense too.

“Our last gig before that was Leeds and Reading, so it was a bit weird to then play Ashbrooke, but it’s a great idea.

“For local bands it’s something they can push towards playing. Rather than playing local pubs, it gives them the chance to play on a big stage with proper equipment and a good PA rig.

“It’s a place where they can really test their skills out.”

He added: “There’s definitely a lot of notice being taken of North East bands at the moment.

“I just hope they can find people who they can trust to guide them through it, as it’s not always a nice place to be.

“It can only be a good thing that more attention is being paid to bands up here, but hopefully more people will come up from London to see bands, as it can be so expensive to pay to go down there to perform for people who could potentially change your life.”

After a summer spent earning their stripes at sold-out venues and gigs, next year will see the band embark on a headline tour of the UK.

It starts in April in Glasgow, they then play Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, stopping off at The Scala in London before finishing with Norwich and Brighton.

Matt said: “We have a right laugh on tour, we try to save money where possible so there’s a lot of staying at friends’ houses. But, to be honest, we wouldn’t have it any other way, even if we could afford to stay in flash hotels.

“It’s a time we can catch up with people.”

He added: “We always have a laugh in the van, especially on a Saturday as we’re all big football fans.

“The other two lads are Newcastle supporters and I’m a Sunderland fan, so there’s a bit of banter going on.”

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