CD REVIEW: My Bloody Valentine – mbv

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IN the late 80s, My Bloody Valentine were the moody teenager’s band of choice.

The band, blaring from bedrooms, positively screaming dissatisfaction at things like having too much coursework and the Poll Tax, whatever that was.

They’re back, surprising everyone by vaguely announcing their first album for 21 years midweek and releasing it online at the weekend.

What’s unsurprising is that their unique sound, a fuzziness that both unsettles you and draws you in, remains.

It mesmerises on She Found Now, Only Tomorrow and the sublime New You.

However, it has evolved too. Final track Wonder 2 is an exhilarating, throbbing collision of guitars, drum ‘n’ bass rhythms and, seemingly, jet engines, and is unlike anything I’ve heard before

So forget your coursework, stomp upstairs, slam the door and turn it up.

Richard Lewis