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Clad in their trademark bright plummage, B>e>a>k are proving to be one of the North East’s most colourful bands.

We found out more about how their sound is taking flight.

MUSICAL birds of a feather are hoping fans will flock to their forthcoming gig.

Five-piece B>e>a>k, made up of musicians from successful North East bands, formed in 2003 in a bid combine a quirky visual performance with an instrumental rock sound.

Under their aliases of Green Gannet, Blue Tit, Yellow Belly, Red Rooster and White Swan, the band are never without their masks on stage.

After a low key 2010, the band – made up of members of bands including Field Music, Coal Train, Razmataz Lorry Excitement, This Ain’t Vegas and Where the Sea Starts – will return to the stage on Saturday night for a gig at Ashbrooke Sports Ground, Sunderland.

Green Gannet, who joined the band in 2005, said: “B>e>a>k has always been a side project to other musical endeavours, but we’re looking to focus more attention this year on the band.

“The bird theme started, in my interpretation, as a bit of fun. Also, as everyone in the band is from other bands it became like a comical disguise. We always wear our colours and matching masks on stage, I find it gives an added energy to the performance.”

This year also sees the release of a series of free download releases, one every three months, titled The Life of Birds.

Each is named after a member of the band with the first, The Red Edition, released on March 1.

The series of five follow’s 2009’s single Culture Vulture which was released on Barcelona-based record label Petit Records.

Life of Birds will also be released in association with Petit Records throughout Europe and the Audacious Art Experiment in the UK.

At Saturday’s gig, part of Sunderland’s popular Beats Happening nights, the band will be supported by We Beat The System, who won their category at last year’s Live and Unsigned national contest.

Green Gannet said: “We are looking forward to getting back on stage. It’s been too long. I enjoy playing with the other birds, it’s as fun on stage as it was watching them.”

On the back of the five releases, plans are in the pipeline for an album and an exhibition showcasing all of the artwork that has been made alongside the music.

Green Gannet says that Sunderland’s thriving music scene is one that B>e>a>k are proud to be part of.

“What I’ve noticed about Sunderland, as opposed to other cites, is that we all help each other. There is a developing musical community that we’re all a part of. We help out where we can in other areas too. Among us there are sound engineers, photographers and film makers. All of this helps the music form as a truly independent endeavour.”

l B>e>a>k play Ashbrooke Cricket Club on Saturday. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets are £3 and are available on the door. For more information, and to download tracks, visit www.beaktastic.bandcamp.com