Review: Trishna (15)

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WRITER-DIRECTOR Michael Winterbottom transplants Thomas Hardy’s classic Tess Of The D’Urbervilles from rural Wessex to colourful Rajasthan.

Trishna (Freida Pinto) lives with her family, eking out a meagre living to provide for the people she loves.

By chance, she meets charismatic British businessman Jay Singh (Riz Ahmed), who has come to India to work in the hotel owned by his powerful father (Roshan Seth).

There is a spark of attraction, which is ignited when cruel fate threatens Trishna’s livelihood and she seeks employment far from home in Jay’s hotel, working as a maid.

In order to keep up appearances, Trishna and Kay conduct their illicit liaisons behind closed doors, behaving as boss and servant in front of the other staff.

The subterfuge takes its toll on the relationship and Trishna is torn between her dreams in a rapidly developing work and her responsibilities to her traditionalist father.