REVIEW: The Sausage Emporium, Westgate Road, Newcastle

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No surprises as to what the Sausage Emporium sells.

Fans of bangers will find a home at one of Newcastle’s newest restaurants.

There’s even a sausage dog, Hannah, who perches under your table looking appealing, though staff are happy to shoo her away if she becomes a pest.

She didn’t, but there weren’t many scraps falling from our plates.

Tasty sausages, yet slightly skimpy portions, meant we cleared every mouthful.

The restaurant, set in old railway arches, is dedicated to “handcrafted butchers sausages”.

And they’re not joking about specialising in sausages. We were confused when the waitress asked if we wanted starters, until we realised each sausage was available in starter and main-course portions, for dedicated sausage supporters.

Its interior and the menu are equally pared back, with just five options.

I went for a giant German hotdog with gherkin fritters, bratkartofflen (fried potatoes) and sauerkraut, for just under £11.

My boyfriend chose a triple chilli sausage, smoky baked beans and avocado lime salsa, slightly cheaper at £9.95.

He thought the sausages were really spicy, not too much, but others might find them too hot.

But when you order something with three different types of chilli in, that’s to be expected.

The salsa was really nice, and had a cooling effect on the dish, so he could have done with more of that.

On a chilly winter day, I’d geared up for a gut-busting feast, but my boastful sausage was big, rather than gigantic.

Also on offer were real ale sausage and mash, lime and coriander sizzlers and, for the veggies, beetroot, lentil and wild mushroom.

It was a nice dinner, would be good pub food and a smashing after-work tea. But for me, at £11 in a restaurant, the simple idea of sausage needs to be elevated into something spectacular.

Hopefully The Sausage Emporium’s menu will expand along with its portions and there’ll be more scraps for Hannah.

Jane O’Neill