Sunderland artist’s ‘Goddess’ glass art goes on show at Kulturbrücke Festival in Austria

One of  Criss Chaney's art pieces.
One of Criss Chaney's art pieces.
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AN internationally acclaimed Wearside graduate is to hold a solo exhibition of her Goddess glasswork in Austria.

Former Sunderland University student Criss Chaney will show her glass work, inspired by the image of a Goddess celebrated by different cultures over thousands of years.

Criss Chaney with one of her pieces.

Criss Chaney with one of her pieces.

Opening at the end of this week, the exhibition The Year of the Woman in glass form, will be on display at the Museum Humanum in Fratres until October.

Criss’s work is on show as part of the 2013 Kulturbrücke Festival in Austria that will concentrate on human experience, spirituality and the subconscious.

“Most of my inspiration comes from Goddess figurines,” she said.

“It’s a theme that reappears again and again in all cultures across the world.

“I’m not really trying to portray anything to the public, I just hope they like it and it can be a starting point for discussion around the intersections of religion, spirituality and science and how they can be reconciled with each other in today’s world.”

The glass artist has exhibited extensively in the UK, Europe and the United States since graduating in Glass, Architectural Glass, and Ceramics from Sunderland in 2006.

This latest exhibition is a double act of Wearside graduates, because it is being organised by Helma Rud, also a former student at the university.

Criss said: “Helma is a long time friend of mine, we studied together and she is a well known Austrian artist in her own right.

“She had an exhibition at the Museum a few years ago, and while working on that she presented my work to its owner Peter Coreth, from that I was invited to submit a proposal.

“She has only recently moved back to Austria and became involved in the Kulturbruecke, so they assigned her to be my curator, which has been such great news as I don’t know how I could have done it without her.”

All the artworks will be on sale, for more information about the exhibition visit