washington ‘A’ still on track

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WITH ONLY four weeks left of the Winter Season of the Sunderland Snooker League, the prospective winners and runners up are now becoming clearer.

Unless there is a collapse, Washington Snooker A seem to be in control of Division One, and Washington C in a similar position in Division Two.

Whitburn played Washington A, at home, still holding aspirations of claiming the second place, but a 4-1 defeat has given them a mountain to climb.

Marc Farnsworth had breaks of 43 and 30 in winning the first frame, followed by Stephen Thompson in the second winning 52-45 against Paul Garvin.

Paul Kirsop took the third, before John Smith pulled one back for Whitburn.

Kirsop and Leslie completed the evening with a 59-36 result in the pairs.

Green Baize have now taken 15 points from the last 20 after beating Pennywell Comrades A 5-0.

Dean Wilson beat Dean Taylor, followed by Peter Dambrosie, aided by a 34 break against Mark Anderson.

Craig Kane and Jeff Burn took the next two singles and twinned in winning the pairs to complete the whitewash.

Washington B beat Biddick A 5-0.

Glendale kept their home form with a 3-2 win against Jordons B with John Danby taking the first against Tom Stavers.

Wayne Foreman levelled before Craig Bell beat Ritchie Milner in the crunch third frame.

Dan Elliott equalised in the fourth only to see Glendale claim the overall 3-2 result as Bell and Foster won the pairs.

Steels had Adam Smith to thank for giving them a good start against Bob Boyce, but Mark Fox and Kevin Harrop won the next two to regain the advantage for the Avenue.

Jim Gales levelled and joined Smith in claiming the 3-2 victory, for Steels.

The inter-club match between the Mill View teams was a decisive 4-1 to the ‘A’ team.

Keith Johnson claimed the first.

Gary Simpson led for most of the second frame, before Kevin Alderson moved the ‘A’ team 2-0 ahead.

John Spruce and John Burnell shared the next two, before Adam Burnell and Peter Davies made it 4-1 in winning the pairs.

A 4-1 victory, for Jordons A, against Seaham Knack was not a true reflection of the game.

Gary Dormand was leading on the last three colours leaving his opponent needing snookers, but was unfortunate when he went in-off on the pink setting it up for Jordon to take the pink and black for the game.

George Dormand had similar misfortune also losing on the black. Gary Stockton continued his good form by claiming his singles for a point to the Knack.

The Second Division only had three matches played, with two of the teams having byes, due to withdrawals during the season.

Seaham Cons and Murton Officials had to cancel their match due to lack of numbers.

The Victory started bright with a first frame win for John Butler against Ryan Lowes, of Murton Vic, and saw the advantage increased as Ray James took the second against Stephen Cool.

Stephen Clementson took third for Murton, with Nobby Newby being the loser.

Eddie Williamson levelled against Darren Dowell, and joined Dale Whitfield in winning the pairs.

Pennywell Comrades C took the first with George Clark winning, before Steve Hagel replied for St Gabriel’s.

Brian Parkin took Pennywell into the lead in the third.

Ken Rackstraw showed good form in levelling, and twinned with Steve Hagel, claimed the pairs for a 3-2 victory to St Gabriel’s.

Lumley B had a 3-2 result against the Railway with Thomas Gwyn claiming the frame.

Biddick B have slipped up over the last few weeks and need to recover their form to keep their challenge for second place.

H The monthly meeting will be held at the Avenue on Thursday, when the knock-outs will be available to representatives.

Teams wishing to apply for the Summer season must make their applications at this meeting to enable the fixtures to be compiled.

Results Division One: Whitburn 1 Washington Snooker A 4, Mill View B 1 Mill View A 4, Washington Snooker B 5 Biddick A 0, Glendale 3 Jordons B 2, Steels A 3 Avenue 2, Jordons A 4 Seaham Knack 1, Green Baize 5 Pennywell Comrades A 0. Division Two: Biddick B 2 Lumley A 3, Lumley B 3 Railway 2, Pennywell Comrades C 2 St Gabriel’s 3, Victory 2 Murton Vic 3.


Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snkr A 22 18 4 86

Green Baize 22 19 2 81

W’ton Snkr B 22 17 5 74

Whitburn 22 13 9 71

Glendale 22 14 8 60

Avenue 22 14 8 54

Steels 22 10 12 51

Jordons B 22 11 11 45

Biddick A 22 7 15 45

Mill View A 22 7 15 41

Seaham Knack 22 5 17 40

Pennywell Com A 22 8 14 37

Jordons A 22 7 15 35

Mill View B 22 4 18 30

Division Two

W’ton Snkr C 19 17 2 68

Lumley A 20 14 6 59

Biddick B 18 14 4 58

Seaham Cons 18 12 6 58

Lumley B 18 12 6 52

Murton Vic 18 10 8 45

Railway 18 6 13 43

Pennywell Com C 18 6 13 40

Murton Officials 17 5 12 35

Victory 19 4 15 33

St Gabriel’s 19 5 14 31

Cheema 18 6 12 29