Washington A maintain lead

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Washington Snooker A tightened their grip on the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League First Division top spot after a 5-0 against Mill View A.

A close first frame went to Stephen Thompson, the second to Steve Mitchell, the third to Paul Kirsop, the fourth to Norman Leslie.

The whitewash was completed when Leslie and Thompson took the pairs.

A 38 break by Adam Smith in the first frame was instrumental in Steels taking the lead against Green Baize.

The lead was increased as Chris Cowie took the second against Peter Dambrosie.

The run was halted when Jeff Burn fought back in the third to win 53-33 against Ken Haley.

The match was levelled when Craig Kane took the fourth against Jim Gales.

With the match result depending on the pairs, Burn and Kane came to the fore with a 69-29 win over Ayre and Sayers.

With Washington B looking to hold on to their second place, a good game was assured against Seaham Cons.

Both players potted well in the first frame before a 26 break by Steve Marratty was the deciding factor in winning 61-40 to give Seaham an early advantage.

Mark Bell was imperious in the second never missing a ball and breaks of 28 and 21 soon took the frame away from his opponent.

Graham Rutland followed the lead and won 60-31, including a 35 break, to take Washington into a 2-1 lead.

Needing a response brought the best out of Ian Hughes, and he controlled the fourth frame to win 54-20 and draw level.

A captain’s innings came in the deciding fifth frame, as Gordon Elliott had a 40 break when twinned with Robert Cougle, he led Seaham to a welcomed 3-2 result.

Unfortunately, the matches between Seaham Knack v Avenue and Whitburn v Glendale were cancelled due to a shortage of players.

Washington Snooker C had a return to form with a 4-1 victory over Pennywell Comrades A.

The first frame went to Bryan Jeffrey in convincing style before Derek Collins won a tight match against Joe Turner to give Washington a 2-0 advantage.

The returning Alfie Turner played well in winning to pull one back, before Billy Bell restored the lead in the fourth, and Jeffrey and Collins claimed the pairs.

The Second Division is still flowing to and fro with the top four teams still involved in a close battle.

Lumley Snooker A still look favourites as they are only one point behind the leaders with a game in hand.

Their match against the Victory started well for the home team as Andy Newby had a 31 break in winning the first frame, before Martin Ball levelled.

Stephen Rushworth took Lumley into the lead in the third, before Darren Dowell aided by a 25 break won the fourth to square the match.

The strong pairing of Ball and Stoves gave the overall 3-2 result to Lumley.

Lumley B accommodated Mill View B by starting the game slightly sooner due to travel problems, and was involved in an interesting game.

Thomas Gwynn had a 29 break in the first frame, but was matched by John Spruce who had a 28.

It went to the wire before Spruce gave Mill View the early advantage.

Brian Meuse did not have the run of the green as Adrian Daniels steadily pulled away to increase the lead.

Alex Hannan and Gary Simpson were matching shots in the third, until a shot into a middle pocket went wrong for Simpson.

Hannan grabbed the chance to create a well constructed 28 break that proved to be deciding factor in winning the frame for Lumley.

Andrew Drinkwater was soon under the cosh, as Lee Dixon was in scintillating form producing some great potting and despite suffering a challenge in the middle period of the frame took Mill View into a 3-1 lead.

Roberts and Tiffin have been producing the goods for Lumley in the pairs, but came up against a determined Norman Brown, who rolled back the years when twinned with Steve Chandler, and gave Mill View the 4-1 result.

Mid Boldon have been steadily improving during the season, and after Paul Rowe won a tight first fame against Michael Burnikell, Pennywell B suffered an onslaught as Boldon proceeded to win all the frames for their first 5-0 result.

Railway had Washington Union as their opponents, and they stated off with a dour opening frame with neither player on form.

Gary Turner won 44-32 followed by Joe Beston, who increased the lead.

Brian McDonald pulled one back in the third, but that was their only success as Railway won the last two frames with Fred Warren in the fourth followed by the pairs.

Farringdon are suffering and went down 4-1 to Murton Officials.

Manna Singh won the first and Colin Wrathmall levelled.

Jimmy Ashcroft and Stan Laws were on form in the next two frames for the Officials, who claimed the pairs for the win.

St Gabriel’s lost the first three frames to Biddick B, before Ken Rackstraw replied for the home team.

A competitive frame saw Lewins and Temple beat Longley and Grimes to give Lumley a 4-1 reuslt.

H The Knock-out rounds were gathered by the club representatives at the monthly meeting with a closing date of March 1.

Results: Division One: Mill View A 0 Washington Snooker A 5, Pennywell Comrades A 1 Washington Snooker C 4, The Avenue 0 Seaham Knack 0, Whitburn 0 Glendale 0, Steels 2 Green Baize 3, Washington Snooker B 2 Seaham Cons 3.

Division Two: Victory 2 Lumley A 3, Railway 4 Washington Union 1, Cheema A 4 Murton Big Club 1, Mid Boldon 5 Pennywell Comrades B 0, St Gabriel’s 1 Biddick B 4, Lumley B 1 Mill View B 4, Murton Officials 4 Farringdon 1.

Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snooker A 14 12 2 50

Green Baize 15 9 6 45

W’ton Snooker B 14 10 4 44

Seaham Knack 14 10 4 42

Steels 15 8 7 39

W’ton Snooker C 15 7 8 37

Seaham Cons 15 7 8 36

The Avenue 14 7 7 33

Biddick A 15 6 8 33

Whitburn 13 7 6 32

Mill View A 14 6 8 24

Glendale 14 2 12 22

Pennywell Coms A 13 1 12 16

Division Two

Mill View B 16 14 2 56

Lumley A 15 13 2 55

Lumley B 16 14 2 54

Biddick B 16 12 4 54

Railway 16 9 7 41

Cheema 16 8 8 41

Murton Big Club 16 8 8 38

St Gabriel’s 16 6 10 36

Victory 16 7 9 34

Mid Boldon 16 3 13 31

Farringdon 15 7 8 30

Murton Officials 16 4 12 28

Pennywell Coms B 16 4 12 28

W’ton Union 16 2 14 25