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THE Second Division of the Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League is still incredibly close, with the top four teams still enclosed in a tight group with only Biddick B losing a little ground.

Lumley B had a 5-0 win away at Murton Officials to hold top place.

Thomas Gwynn was being held until the colours, when a fine long pot led to a colour clearance in the first.

Brian Meuse was always leading the second, until a fight back by Manna Singh only failed in a 59-54 result.

Alex Hannan played solid snooker to increase the lead in the third, before the fourth frame saw Stan Laws hold a 26 lead before Andrew Drinkwater recovered ground to win on the black.

A good pairs frame saw Tiffin and Roberts keep in contention, before Roberts potted to win on the colours.

Railway met Lumley A, with Martin Bell having a 55 break in winning the first, followed by a bold display from Paul Stoves as he won the second.

The closest frame of the night saw Steve Rushworth in control, although Norman Lynn pushed him all the way before losing.

Joe Nord clinch the fourth, and the pairs was the Martin Ball show, as a 50 break was followed by another 42 in a tremendous display of power play to give Lumley a 5-0 result.

Old rivals in Mill View B and St Gabriel’s had their first meeting since Mill View were relegated.

Mill View started well with Adrian Daniels winning on the late colours.

Gary Simpson needed to dig in against a resolute Steve Hagel, before scrambling home to increase the lead.

John Spruce had a 44 break in winning the third, and Lee Dixon took the fourth to put Mill View into a 4-0 lead.

The doctor was on call as the pairs frame saw veterans Norman Brown and Sid Bate face Bill Longley and Tony Grimes, of St Gabriel’s.

It was all going Mill View’s way, until an inspired spell by Longley saw him clear to claim the point for the Saints.

Biddick B played Mid Boldon for a 3-2 win, with Terry Walton having a 38 break and Michael Simpson a 21 break in their singles.

Comrades B took the first two frames against Cheema, with George Clark and Brian Parkin being successful.

Gurj Cheema won the third for Cheema before Kevin McDermot restored the lead in the fourth. Campion and Cheema rescued a point in the pairs for a 3-2 win for Pennywell.

Ray James and Darren Dowell took the first two frames for the Victory against Murton Big Club.

Steven Jennings and David Greenfield fought back in winning the next two and the come back was completed as Clementson and Greenfield took the pairs for a 3-2 victory for Murton.

The up and down of Farringdon had one of their better nights as they overcame Washington Union to claim a 4-1 victory.

Washington Snooker A are holding onto their first place in Division One with three teams tieing for the runners-up position.

Robert Cougle took the first frame for Seaham, but it was their only success as Paul Kirsop, Steve Thompson, Norman Leslie and the Thompson and Leslie pairing won their frames.

A 26 break by Gary Stockton, of Seaham Knack, set the standard against Pennywell as Seaham won 4-1.

Ian Stewart followed in the second before Stephen O’Wellen took the third for Pennywell. Gary Dormand restored the lead, and paired with Tony Hazard, won the pairs.

Washington B had an unexpected 4-1 win against Steels, led by Trev Herbert who had a 64 break in the first.

Adam Smith replied before Graham Rutland took the third.

Jason Dewar started slowly, but increased the lead in the fourth and Rutland and Herbert played well in winning the pairs.

Green Baize started well against Whitburn as Dean Wilson was in top form in the first.

Jason Rodgers levelled against Jeff Burn, but the Baize replied as Craig Kane claimed the third.

A break of 25 took John Smith into a lead in the fourth, but an immediate reply with a 20 enabled Peter Dambrosie to eventually win on the pink.

A comfortable win in the pairs gave the Baize a 4-1 victory.

Liam Irving has been a great find for Glendale and a 27 break gave him success in the first against the Avenue.

Mark Fox and Kevin Harrop took the next two for the Avenue, with John Danby levelling. Ablett and Boyce won the deciding pairs to give the Avenue the overall 3-2 victory.

A good local derby played in the best of spirits saw Washington C beat Biddick A 3-2.

Graham Smith resisted a fight back from John Hall to take the first for Biddick, before Bryan Jeffrey had a last four ball colour finish to level.

A close frame between Derek Collins and Rod Turnbull took Biddick back into a lead, before Roff Hoque had the run of the ball to draw level.

A terrific pairs frame saw Billy Bell and Derek Collins get the three snookers they needed to win on a respotted black.

H Next week’s fixtures are cancelled to allow the main rounds of the Knock-outs to be played.

Results Division One: Seaham Cons 1 Washington Snooker A 4, Washington Snooker C 3 Biddick A 2, Seaham Knack 4 Pennywell Comrades A 1, Glendale 2 The Avenue 3, Green Baize 4 Whitburn 1, Washington Snooker B 4 Steels 1. Division Two: Lumley A 5 Railway 0, Farringdon 4 Washington Union 1, Murton Big Club 3 Victory 2, Pennywell Comrades B 3 Cheema A 2, Biddick B 3 Mid Boldon 1, Mill View B 4 St Gabriel’s 1, Murton Officials 0 Lumley B 5.

Danby Auto Sunderland Snooker League

Division One

P W L Pts

W’ton Snooker A 13 11 2 45

W’ton Snooker B 13 10 3 42

Seaham Knack 14 10 4 42

Green Baize 14 8 6 42

Steels 14 8 6 37

Biddick A 14 6 8 33

Seaham Cons 14 6 8 33

W’ton Snooker C 14 6 8 33

The Avenue 13 7 6 31

Whitburn 12 6 6 29

Mill View A 13 6 7 24

Glendale 14 1 12 22

Pennywell Com A 12 1 11 15

Division Two

Lumley B 15 14 1 53

Lumley A 14 12 2 52

Mill View B 15 13 2 52

Biddick B 15 11 4 50

Railway 15 8 7 37

Murton Big Club 15 8 7 37

Cheema 15 7 8 37

St Gabriel’s 15 6 9 35

Farringdon 14 7 7 29

Victory 14 6 8 29

Pennywell Com B 14 4 10 26

Mid Boldon 15 2 13 26

Murton Officials 15 3 12 24

W’ton Union 15 2 13 24