Sunderland teams hit back after relegation

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BOTH the Sunderland men’s and ladies inter-club teams have made winning starts to their campaigns after suffering relegation last season.

After last season’s winless campaign, the Sunderland ladies made a return to winning ways in Division Two with a cracking 126-85 win over Stanley.

At Crowtree, Amy Bevan’s rink of Madge Robins, Mary Ramshaw and Ella Manley were in awesome form and racked up a 37-3 win over R.Newton.

Ann Candlish, Alice Curtis, Pat Johnson and Ella Baker survived a late scare to record a 15-11 win over M.Newstead, while in the remaining rink, Marjorie Smith, Olwyn Charlton, Hilda Snell and Margaret Mitchinson eased to a 24-10 win over D.Gregory.

That left the home squad 52 shots in credit.

At Stanley, Anne Todd, J.Milner, Renee Mallaburn and Ethel Pattinson let slip a 16-8 lead to finish 20-17 down to B.Bell.

Doreen Kerrigan, E.Barren, Gwen Eltringham and Florence Rodenby were left to rue a late dropped six to finish 25-19 down to J.Reed.

The final rink of Pat Wayman, Jean Reay, Evelyn Barkes and Maureen Firth were unlucky to go down 16-14 to D.Owers. That left the away squad 11 shots down.

The ladies’ next game is the Yetton Cup tie against Houghton on Thursday, November 1 at 12.30.

The men’s squad opened their season with a 20-shot win over Durham.

At Crowtree Bobby Rollason, Ernie Peacock, debutee Mark Higgins and Pete Thomson enjoyed a 29-11 win over C.Stevenson, but George Brown, George Simpson, Alfie Ferguson and Joe Flett let a 21-8 lead slip away in the space of three ends and had to rely on last bowl from Flett to sneak home 23-21 over A.Musgrove.

The remaining rink of Billy Mitchell, Bobby Usher, Dan Todner and John Jones let slip a slim 12-9 lead to finish 24-16 down to M.Appleby.

That left the home squad 11 shots to the good.

At Durham, Gary Farquhar’s rink of Neil Ridley, Michael Laydon and Hendy Shields had a cracking 20-11 win over J.Layfield.

The other two rinks suffered the same fate – dropping last end doubles to finish level.

Pat Collins, Billy Hearne, Terry Todd and Tommy Jopling saw a six-shot lead vanish over the last three ends to finish 20-20 against D.Christie, while Keith Hopper, Tony Grimes, Billy Roberts and Billy Ferry recovered from 15-9 down to 22-22 against G.Alderson to leave the away squad nine shots up.

The men’s next game is the Denny Cup tie on Saturday, October 20 against Houghton.

H In the Over 60’s double fours, the Sunderland A team were due to face Houghton A in the first round but the latter conceded after being unable to field a team.

The Sunderland squad now face Concordia, who eased past Newcastle 54-18.

The Sunderland B team entertain West Denton in the same competition on Friday, October 19 at 12.30. The following team has been selected:

At Crowtree: K.Ford, W.Conway, G.Gibson, D.Hulley.

At West Denton: A.Ferguson, W.Roberts, T.Jones, TW.Todd.

H Both Sunderland senior squads are on inter club duty on Wednesday. The A team travel to Hebburn at midday while the B team entertain Consett at Crowtree. The following team has been selected for the Consett game:

At Crowtree: K.Ford, R.Adams, A.Ferguson, TW.Todd, P.Duke, R.Usher, W.Conway, D.Hulley, R.Hall, E.Peacock, T.Jones, G.Gibson, Reserves E.Cook W.Roberts. The game starts at 2.30.

H With the 2014 Commonwealth Games being held in Glasgow, the World Bowls Ltd and the Commonwealth Games Federation have reached an agreement to increase the number of gold medals available by reintroducing the fours discipline. The Games Federation are reducing the number of competitors in each country to five men and five women compared with the current six each.

The current format of singles, pairs and triples where every playing member of the team competes in just one event is to be replaced. The change will see a team of five players competing in pairs and triples before regrouping to play singles and fours – which will now give each player two bites at the cherry.

The changes have be introduced to reduce the overall costs as the increase spending on the extra medals will be outweighed by the savings on the overall cost of hosting the players.