Seaham’s lead slips away

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SEAHAM Cons were unable to retain their position at the top of the Westoe Removals Sunderland Snooker League Division Two, sharing the place with two other teams.

Michael Simpson gave Biddick B the perfect start before Peter Mills showed his quality in a 81-44 win against Stephen Maratty.

T Watson increased the lead in the third before Ken Gibson replied for the Cons.

Monaghan and Pinder rescued another point by winning after potting a pink in the first frame.

John Hall produced some tremendous long potting to eventually win the frame.

The rest of the frames were comfortable for Washington, although, John Longstaff played his part when winning for Cheema.

The revised team of Farringdon are producing the goods and a 5-0 win against the Victory moved them up the table.

Ian Stewart won the first 66-29 against Ray James.

Tom Feenan had a 42 break when winning the second 74-8.

Tony Hazard claimed the fourth frame and McGloughlin and McKenna cleaned up with a result in the pairs.

Lumley B had a superb 4-1 win over St Gabriels.

Ritchie Tiffin took the first 51-14, Brian Meuse the second and Andrew Drinkwater the third.

Thomas Gwyn is establishing a reputation and looks a promising newcomer to the league and with a 66-32 result that took the fourth, before Steve Hagel and Ken Rackstraw took the first point for the Saints by winning the pairs.

The match between Pennywell Comrades C and Murton Vic saw Pennywell fail to perform, leaving Murton the opportunity of claiming a 3-2 result.

Washington Snooker A did not play this week in Division One, allowing Green Baize to claim top spot after beating Seaham Knack 4-1.

Wilson was behind to Glen Edwards before a fluked green enabled him to win the first frame 60-59.

Peter Dambrosie had a 25-break in winning the second, before Gary Stockton beat Craig Krane 62-21.

Jeff Burn was impressive in the fourth and aided by a 30-break restored the lead, and twinned with Kane to win the pairs 54-36.

Whitburn rediscovered their form against Mill View A with Derek White winning the first, Steve Burdis took the second and John Smith claimed the third.

Phil Freeman won the fourth against Adam Burnell.

Burdis and Freeman took the pairs for a clean sweep to recover lost ground.

Glendale are proving difficult to beat at home and the Avenue ware the latest team to suffer.

Craig Bell won a tight first frame against Bob Boyce, before Frank McParlin won the second against Mark Fox.

Avenue pulled one back via Kev Harrop, before John Wiseman restored the lead in the fourth.

Paul Foster and John Danby won a high scoring pairs frame 73-60 to register a 4-1 success.

Washington B lost the frame as Ritchie Milner won 47-10 for Jordons B, but fought back well to eventually win 4-1.

Gavin Dixon, Gary Bell and Graham Rutland all scored well in the next three singles and a 54-49 success by Gary and Mark Bell in the pairs completed the recovery.

A 64 clearance by Adam Smith, of Steels, dominated the first frame against Pennywell Comrades A, before Chris Cowie took the second against Stuart Taylor.

An enthralling third frame went to Tom Ayres, of Steels, against Mark Anderson.

Ray Charlton had a fine 62-24 result to give Steels a 4-0 advantage.

A good response by Joe Turner and Steve O’Wellan gave Pennywell a welcome point in the pairs.

Dave Adamson took the first frame for Biddick A against Mill View B, before Gary Simpson levelled.

Graham Smith restored the lead before John Spruce levelled.

Turnbull and Smith won the match for Biddick score in the pairs.

H Best wishes to teams and players involved in matches and individual knock-out matches over the Christmas period.

Results: Division One: Jordons A 0 Washington Snooker A 0, Whitburn 5 Mill View A 0, Mill View B 2 Biddick A 3, Washington Snooker B 4 Jordons B 1, Glendale 4 Avenue 1, Steels A 4 Pennywell Comrades A 1, Green Baize 4 Seaham Knack 1.

Division Two: Bye 0 Lumley A 0, Biddick B 3 Seaham Cons 2, Murton Officials 2 Railway 2, Lumley B 4 St Gabriels 1, Pennywell Comrades C 2 Murton Vic 3, Victory 0 Farringdon B 5, Cheema A 1 Washington Snooker C 4.