Sea Angling with Jack Melton

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SHORE anglers are finding better sport all along the coast, with whiting moving inshore and some nice codling being taken from the rough grounds and the rivers.

There are still plenty of flounders and coalies well upriver in the Tyne and the Wear.

Boat anglers have been unable to leave the Wear, but one or two have been out of the Tyne where good catches of ling to 29lb and cod to 15lb have been taken, while a nine-foot porbeagle shark was snatched.

The skipper of the Flamer out of Hartlepool was asked by a party of seven anglers if he would take them in early as they were tired after taking 135 cod to 11lb and pollack to 12lb!

The best shore-caught cod was one at 14lb by Dave Rogers at St Abbs. While spinning for pollack, he lost tackle to two big fish. He changed his tackle to heavier traces and landed the big cod which had his two lost traces in its mouth.

Closer to home, double figure catches have been taken in the Tyne. Chris Potts fished the Haven Beach and took 20 codling and coalies, with the best fish a 10lb 9oz cod.

The beaches are doing well after dark with plenty of whiting, with Hendon Promenade giving up its fair share.

Competition anglers have had a good start for the winter season. Last Wednesday’s Eastenders Open Sweepstake saw 23 entrants, with 18 taking 26 fish (three codling, three coalies, four whiting and 16 flounders).

Richie Carr on with a 4lb 10z codling from Shields, ahead of Steve Rackstraw’s 1lb 3oz flounder, Daniel Stevens’ 1lb 2oz coalie and Bob Gascoigne’s codling of 1lb 1oz.

Eastenders SAC were out again at Panns Bank on Saturday with 22 members competing for heaviest fish. Jim Dobie swept the board, taking the top three places with flatties at 1lb 7½oz, 1lb 7oz and 1lb 5oz.

Sunderland SAA fished on Sunday with 24 members out and six weighing in. Phil Wright went to Marsden and took the heaviest fish, a codling of 5lb 11oz, followed by Alan Walker’s 2lb 6oz flounder and Robbie Feenan (2lb 1oz).

Ryhope SAC travelled to the Tyne Business Park on Sunday with all 24 members weighing in.

In Zone A, John Bryan won with 20 fish for 428 centimetres, beating John Blaney (14 for 297cm), Billy Bell (14 for 290cm) and Alan Burton (13 for 288cm).

Zone B was just as prolific, with Barrie Stowells triumphant for 20 fish at 277cm. Bob Surtees and Steve Bland tied for second with 14 for 237cm, with top junior Jordan Lowes fourth (10 for 205cm).

Cleadon SAC fished on Sunday with 11 of 25 rods weighing in. Steve Williams won with seven codling (8lb 12oz) from the Tyne, ahead of Adam Johnson’s eight flounders (7lb 6oz) and David Garrick’s four coding for 5lb 10oz. Micky Mouat had the heaviest fish, a 1lb 12oz codling.

Seaham SAC were out for the Holman Cup on Sunday, with 20 weighing in 40 fish for 30.65lb.

All of the winners came from the North Pier, with Jed Charlton taking the winning catch of four fish for 3.34lb. Runner-up John Clark had four for 3.04lb, with Mickie Davison third (four for 2.95lb).

The heaviest single fish was Dean Furness’s 1.45lb codling and the pairs’ pool was won by John & Rita Clark for six fish at 4.7lb. The sealed weight (0.65lb) was won by Edgar Tallentire for 0.74lb, but he did not stop and forfeited the prize.

The Seaham Tackle Shop are having a competition on Sunday from 1-6pm The prizes are for heaviest single fish plus an optional heaviest bag.

There is an open competition arranged by Whitley Bay Club on Sunday (10.30am-2.30pm) between Seahouses South Breakwater (excluded) and Tynemouth Pier (excluded). Register at the Bank House Club in Newbiggin from 8-9.30am. Weigh-in from 3-4pm. Entry £12 plus usual optional sweeps. Under-16s are free but must be accompanied by an adult.

The prizes are £500 plus 50 per cent, 30 per cent and 20 per cent for the heaviest single fish and £100 for the heaviest flat fish. There are also ladies, junior prizes and a supporting prize table.

There is a Federation meeting in the Village Tavern, Ryhope on Monday at 7.15pm. All are asked to attend.

Club competitions arranged – Saturday: Eastenders SAC (2-6pm Glass Centre), Ryhope Dads and Lads (10am-1pm, Panns Bank); Wednesday: Eastenders Open Sweepstake (7-10pm).