Farringdon withdraw from league

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THE Danby Autos Sunderland league has been dealt a blow with long-established side Farringdon withdrawing from the competition.

The club is unable to fulfil their fixtures due to changes in the work patterns of their regular players.

All points played for have been deducted and the league tables adjusted accordingly.

As previously stated, it is now confirmed that Murton Big Club has closed – but the team has made arrangements to complete the season from Murton Officials.

Their fixtures will continue as printed, with the home night being Tuesdays.

Changes will also be noticed as three teams have taken the opportunity to play postponed games during the knock-out week.

In Division One, Whitburn played Glendale but soon found themselves in trouble as Liam Irving scored well in the first, winning 66-44.

The second also went to Glendale as John Danby won 50-34 on the colours.

A 55 break by John Smith stopped the run to take the third for Whitburn, but a 26 break by Frank McParlin was decisive in restoring Glendale’s lead in the fourth.

An excellent pairs frame by Danby and Smithson made it 4-1 to Glendale to complete a fine evening’s work.

Whitburn also played Pennywell Comrades A and fared much better as they took the game 5-0.

A returned Paul Scrimgour came from the reserves to help fulfil the fixture as Whitburn are another team at the moment suffering a shortage of players.

Scrimgour played well and showed he had not lost his touch with a first-frame win against Joe Turner.

Craig Barron had a 41 against Stephen O’Wellen to take the second followed by Ernie Lunney with a 42 in the third.

John Smith decided to join the party and a 31 helped him beat Dean Taylor, who joined the fun with a 20. That, unfortunately, was not enough to prevent Whitburn taking the fourth. #

Barron and Scrimgour completed the whitewash by taking the pairs.

A wrong score on the card suggested that Pennywell had beaten Washington Snooker A last week, when Washington should have been shown as winning 3-2.

The table has been corrected giving Washington another point as they lead Division One.

In the second division, Lumley Snooker A played Pennywell Comrades B and the score of 4-1 took them to the top of the table.

Brian Meuse controlled the first frame winning 52-23, and was followed by Alex Hannan who was involved in a good frame against Ian McDermott before winning on the colours.

Richard Tiffin and Kevin McDermott went to the wire in an exciting finish in the third with McDermott winning as Tiffin went in-off the black.

Andrew Drinkwater restored the lead in the fourth, although he was pressed all the way by Brian Parkin, who finally lost 57-49.

A 23 break by Hannan contributed to a pairs win against the McDermott brothers.

H Players are reminded that the knock out closing date is Saturday, March 1, and that results should be forwarded to Vince Flynn as soon as played.