Sunderland v Bournemouth - quiz time

Eddie Howe

Eddie Howe

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We asked you earlier what you knew about Sunderland’s next opponents.

Here’s our quiz again, with the answers below.

1 What was the original name of the Goldsands Stadium?

2 Eddie Howe is in his sventh season in the Bournemouth hotseat. How many promotions has he overseen?

3 Which other club has Howe managed?

4 What is Bournemouth’s mascot called - Cherry Bear, Charlie Cherry or Cherry Cupcake?

5 Which long-serving player scored the winning goal against Grimsby in 2009 to preserve league status - and now has a stand named after him?

6 What was Bournemouth’s original name?

7 In which year did they become AFC Bournemouth - 1971, 1981 or 1991?

8 Who holds the FA Cup scoring record for an individual game, after netting nine times in an 11-0 win against Margate in 1971?

9 In which year did George Best play five times for the Cherries?

10 In 1992 Bournemouth were the first team to do what on live television in the FA Cup?

11 In the 2003-4 season, who created a record by scoring a hat-trick in just two minutes, 17 seconds?

12 Where did Bournemouth finish last season in the championship - first, second or sixth?


1 Dean Court, 2 Three, 3 Burnley, 4 Cherry Bear, 5 Steve Fletcher, 6 Boscombe FC, 7 1971, 8 Ted MacDougall, 9 1983, 10 Win a game on penalties - they won 4-3 against Newcastle, 11 James Hayter, 12 First