Stokoe names an unchanged team

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MANAGER Bob Stokoe worked through a training session with Sunderland’s first team pool at Roker Park this morning before deciding that he will be relying upon the side which suffered an unlucky defeat against Bristol City at Ashton Gate last week for the big task of taking on promotion front-runners Burnley at Roker Park tomorrow afternoon.

There is one change in the party, however, for John Tones who impressed in mid-week when scoring two of the goals which helped the Reserves to a cup win at Scunthorpe, will be on stand-by as substitute.

With Burnley expected to rely upon the side which has represented them in their last nine games, the line-up will be:

Sunderland: Montgomery; Malone and Coleman; Horswill, Watson and Porterfield; Kerr, Hughes, Lathan, Chambers and Tueart. Substitute, Tones.

Burnley: Stevenson; Docherty and Newton; Dobson, Waldron and Thomson; Nulty, Casper, Fletcher, Collins and James. Substitute, Ingham.

Mr Stokoe announced today, too, that both Billy Elliott, who was caretaker-manager for a month and Ray Yeoman will be staying on with the club. “Mr Elliott will be assisting me until a new appointment is made,” he said, “and after that he will have sole responsibility under me for the reserve team. As the Reserves play most of their games in mid-week, he will also be able to do a lot of valuable scouting and vetting work at week-ends.

“Ray Yeoman will have full responsibility for the youth team and eventually both he and Mr Elliott will be picking their own team and making recommendations for advancement.”

Mr Yeoman’s team choice for the youth team to visit Sheffield Wednesday in a Northern Intermediate League game tomorrow afternoon is: Waugh; Bolton and Callaghan T; Harrison, Robson and Blyth; Stronach, Mason, Southwick, Henderson K and Kent. Substitute, Rowell.

Story taken from the Sunderland Echo on December 1 1972.