Letters special in tonight’s fab Football Echo

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Sunderland’s goalless draw at Swansea is the centrepiece of tonight’s Football Echo – the best read of the week.

Graeme Anderson reports with the biggest and best report from the Liberty Stadium, and there’s the rest of today’s live action.

Readers have been inundating the Football Echo with letters in the wake of last week’s derby defeat, and there are two packed pages of your views – plus the usual, unbeatable in-depth coverage of Sunderland AFC.

Tony Gillan’s View From The Bridge is an unmissable read, and we delve deep into the past in Yesterdays, going back to 1934 for a big Sunderland win on opening day, and a pair of fantastic cartoons from that era.

There’s also a poster of Sunderland’s 1975/76 Second Division title winners, an SAFC quiz and much more.

Local football is spread over five pages, and we’ve also gone into the archives for some retro teams of days gone by, including Grove Coles, Homeworthy Furniture, The Cliff, Grindon, Springwell SC and Ford and Pennywell Advice Centre.

With great racing coverage, including Monday’s cards first, it adds up to a great package.

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