Ellis Short reacts to Sunderland's relegation and admits mistakes have been made in player recruitment

Short has admitted to mistakes in player recruitment
Short has admitted to mistakes in player recruitment
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Ellis Short has said that Sunderland will share their plans for the future of the club at the end of the season.

Uncertainty reigns over his ownership of the club, Short still thought to be willing to sell if a buyer meets his asking price.

The future of David Moyes has also been subject of fierce debate, fans again chanting for his departure on Saturday afternoon.

Short has not addressed either of those issues in his statement but has admitted mistakes have been made in his tenure and that player recruitment has been a major factor in the club's demise.

He has praised the 'relentless' support and said there will be clarity after Sunderland's final four games.

The full statement from Ellis Short:

“Like any supporter, my initial reaction is one of sadness, disappointment, anger and frustration. After 10 consecutive seasons as a top-flight club, the second longest in our 138-year history, it is hard for everyone to take.

“It is an especially cruel blow for our supporters, who have shown tremendous faith in the club. They backed the team, home and away, in huge numbers throughout the season and it is fair to say this season they have once again been relentless in their support. I am truly sorry that we have not been able to retain our top-flight status for them.

“I acknowledge that during my ownership mistakes have been made, particularly in the area of player recruitment, and as a result we have found ourselves struggling to survive in recent seasons. We had massive disruption during the summer transfer window and an unprecedented number of injuries throughout the season. These are difficulties which we have been unable to overcome and we are paying the price for that now.

“We need to improve, both on and off the field, and despite the bitter disappointment of today there is a strong determination to do so throughout the club. There is significant work to be done over the summer and when the season is concluded, we intend to share our plans to move forward with our supporters”.