Echo Jury: Our jurors are hoping for better next term!

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So another season draws to a close and to be honest I really can’t wait to see the back of this one.

It started with the hope of O’Neill propelling us to an upper half league position, but ended with us barely staying up.

The game against Spurs was one of our better performances of late.

We defended resolutely and even tested Loris a few times in the opposition goal.

Mig, along with Colback, made sure we were not easy to beat and it took a wonder strike from Bale to beat us.

Hopefully, Di Canio can sort out the squad as this season has proved were not fit for the task.

A major overhaul is needed again, but hopefully this manager will have better luck with this than Bruce had.

High points have been few and far between, but I live in hope of a brighter future.

Di Canio has shown great passion in the few months he’s been here.

So it’s fingers crossed that he can take our great club to new heights and deliver some much deserved success to the best fans in the world.

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