Letters, Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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A yes vote is not a canny decision

WHOEVER said the Scots were canny (meaning clever or astute) will be proved wrong if Salmond gets a Yes vote.

 Why? Because in addition to weakening the UK, the people of Scotland have so much to lose if they leave the shelter created by 300 years of being part of Great Britain.

 In the 1970s, Joel Barnett devised a formula for the distribution of UK revenue between the member countries, which at the moment sees Scotland receiving about £9,000 and England about £7,000 per year for each citizen. This does not include investment from the MOD and other government departments where Scotland also does well.

 Scots are highly dependent on benefits, which casts a huge doubt on Salmond’s ability to finance his promised independence feasts.

 This thirst for devolution and independence is illogical. Where will it end? Will the highlands find reasons to be envious of Glasgow and or will the west of the country seek more investment than the east? Is the solution always to be more government?

 Realising that another layer of government was the last thing that UK needs, the North East of England recently rejected a NE Assembly by more than 70 per cent.

 Already Scotland is better represented in the UK by native serving politicians than any UK country.

 Last term the UK Prime Ministor and the Chancellor were Scots but still some Scots want more say.

 The courtship of this union started 100 years before it became legal in 1707 and all parties should consider carefully how far Great Britain has progressed since our countries joined together.

 We should also ponder – does Alex Salmond have more in his locker than Samuel Johnson who was a great supporter of the alliance.

Denis Gillon

PM on war path

I DON’T know why it amazes me,but the apathy shown by the people of this country who don’t seem to care that David Cameron wants to take the country into another war.

 About this time last year Mr Cameron wanted to commit to air strikes on the Assad regime in Syria, but had a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons. Now a year on and his popularity waning, he wants to take sides with Assad and commit to air strikes on the people he was once supporting.

 This man is determined to copy Tony Blair and Margaret Thatcher in getting into the history books by having a war where British troops will be sent to lands that have nothing to do with us and damn the lives and expense of it all.

Ged Taylor,


Lovely surprise

WE would like to thank Pauline, Shaun, Graham and Sarah and family and friends for the lovely surprise diamond wedding party.

 It was completely out of the blue and enjoyed by all.

 We would also like to thank Fr Michael, of Joseph’s, Millfield, for the blessing and renewal of vows. A huge thank you to all involved.

John and Teresa Elliott,