Letters, Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

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Time to end EU’s domination

NICK Clegg is at again doing his utmost to create dissension in the Coalition by dismissing David Cameron’s call for a repatriation of powers from the European


The Deputy Prime Minister warns us that if the UK were to draw away from Europe, we would lose our place on the European top table and be marginalised from rest of Europe. The question is: What are the benefits of being in the EU?

Two well-respected organisations, Chantrrey Vellacott and the Trade Commision for the U.S. Congress, carried out an analysis of the costs and benefits of EU membership. They found that the costs outweighed benefits by £15-£25billion a year. The Trade Commission for the U.S. Congress looked at the implications of a British withdrawal from the EU and their conclusion was that Britain should be no worse off, and possibly better off, out.

The Europhiles tell us that if we left the EU we would have adverse trade terms made upon us. However there is no credible reason for this as we import more from the EU that the EU from us.

They warn that 3.5million jobs depend on membership of the EU. However, that claim by the National Institute for Economic and Social Research has now been criticised as being flawed in as much as the jobs depend upon trade with the EU not membership.

Finally the European Monetary Union has not lived up to its potential to become one of the strongest currencies in the world as the financial turmoil in Greece surely proves 

Withdrawing from the EU would give us back our independence from European domination. We would no longer have to implement the thousands of directives being spewed out of Brussels.

We would no longer have to pay the yearly billions in contributions to the profligate spenders of Brussels.

We would not be bound by European immigration rules, we would withdraw from the European Convention of Human Rights, replacing it with a UK Bill.

We could re-establish our territorial waters, giving British fishermen back their livelihoods.

The time is ripe to end the EU’s political domination over us replacing it with the original intent that of a trading partner.

Councillor G.E. Howe

Grey Pride

I AM writing to ask your readers to join Anchor’s Grey Pride Campaign and sign our petition calling for a Minister for Older People to help end the prejudices faced by the elderly.

We hope the Minister would be called upon when the Cabinet discusses such issues as local authority cuts, pensions and funding for care.

The campaign has already been supported by prominent voices, such as Richard Wilson, Tony Robinson and Anita Dobson.

Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband has also shown his support, with the appointment of Ms Liz Kendall to the newly-created role of Shadow Minister for Care and Older People. A further 77 MPs have backed the call.

There is a Minister for Women and a Minister of State for Children and Families, but as it stands, older people’s issues are scattered throughout various Government departments.

With older people making up 25 per cent of the population, it’s time their voices were heard and that the prejudices they face were wiped out.

So please sign the petition online by going to www.greypride.org.uk

Thank you for your support.

Margaret Graham, Location manager, Gillwood Court, Station Road, Penshaw

So generous

AS a member of the Sunderland branch of the British Heart Foundation, I am humbled by the continuing genorosity and support of the people here in Sunderland.

This was highlighted by a young lady by the name of Helen who, on celebrating her 21st birthday, requested no presents but donations to be made the the BHF. This amounted to the magnificent sum of £333.84 being raised and donated.

This selfless act of kindness from a member of the younger generation has truly amazed myself, my husband and all the other branch members, and gives hope that our work may continue throught the youth of today.

Many thanks to Helen and her family and all who donated and supported the charity.

Carol Roper

Halloween fun day

I’D like to say thank you to staff at the Raich Carter Centre for a brilliant Halloween fun day on Friday, October 28.

There were plenty of games and activities packed into the morning, then lunch was served. Once lunch was over, the fun continued in the swimming pool with a Halloween pool disco with many floats and the new aqua-zorbing, which the kids loved.   

The staff were great with the kids and my three grandchildren had a fun-packed day, which was great value for money. Brilliant.

Valerie Howard, Houghton